Sunday, March 05, 2006

trazodone, the little let you sleep pill...


At least NOT for bi-polar brother in law. Not at all. Kept him up for hours... days... hell, weeks it did!

When he "left" last week he was in total disarray mentally and physically. We kept trying to get him to see his doctor but he wouldn't. "The Wife" even had a doctor's appointment for him on the fateful morning that he parted company with us. Actually, his refusal to go to the doctor is what really hastened his departure. We both felt we couldn't help him anymore if he wouldn't help himself so we suggested he find someone else to drive nuts for a bit... adding that if he did see his doctor we'd surely work with him to make things right... or at least as right as can be for his pretty messed up mind.

He still opted to not go to the doctor. So, the last J saw of him was him driving away in the beast, loaded with all of his worldly possessions... and a bit more.

The little sleeping pills that he was supposed to be taking... the trazodone just didn't seem to work... at least to J and I the pills didn't seem to work on him. I would ask him if he'd taken his pills every morning after he woke me up at 03:00 a.m. with his tinkering and chatting to himself... every morning I'd ask and every morning he'd answer "yes". J even counted them and determined by her count that he must have either been taking them as prescribed or was flushing them. Either way, the proper amount of pills were missing from the bottle.

So, why am I talking about them? Well, first off they didn't seem to be doing him any good. You see, I don't like taking medicines... especially mind altering medicines because I'm not sure just what the medicine is doing to me over the long haul. I'm just that way. But there are times when people need medicine... mind altering medicine... medicine that will strike some sort of chemical compromise with the brain that allows the person to function on a somewhat normal plane.

In bi-polar brother in law's case the medicine was about all that kept him... normal. Well, as normal as he could be given all of his mental ailments.

At least, that's what we thought. And that's what the doctors thought too.

Little did we know but bi-polar brother in law was really having a reaction to the trazodone he was taking. A pretty hefty reaction. His legs were swelling up and his skin was about to burst. His legs were red and hot and very sore. His mind was going 400 miles per hour, 24 hours a day. His appetite was virtually non-existent. He had to keep busy... had to constantly tinker... couldn't sleep... didn't want to sleep.

Yup. Every little ailment that trazodone was supposed to help with... every little quirk was intensified to the Nth. degree instead of "compromised". Bi-polar brother in law was a walking time bomb about to go off in forty thousand different directions... physically and mentally. This bad reaction coupled with the "other" medications he was taking for his disorders really wasn't doing him any good at all... it wasn't his fault... that delicate chemical balance just wasn't there.

Yet through all of his bi-polar, manic depressed, attention deficient and compulsive, obsessive haze he finally sensed that something just wasn't quite right with him. A couple of days after driving the beast away from our house he decided to check himself in to the Emergency Room at our local hospital here.

They still have him. He called. Sounded much better. He's been sleeping. He's been eating. They kept him because he had a near fatal reaction to the trazodone. His brain was shutting portions of his body down... a chemical compromise happened... it just happened in reverse.

He should be released sometime today if they can get his legs to "go down". He's back with his lunatic wife... she's on about the same plane as he is but she copes with it better. Their marriage is certainly not one of those where opposites attract... certainly not... I can only imagine the conversations the two of them have.

Anyway, she visited him in the hospital and told him she wanted him to "come home"... a sigh from both of us, though we would have brought him back here if he had nowhere else to go. After all, he did see the doctor... that's all we wanted him to do... simply wanted him to help us help him.

...we still have his lamp table project waiting for him out in the garage. It's in need of completion.


Cathy said...

I read your stormy weather post but didnt' have time for a comment. Hell, I didn't know what to say!! I will say that it worried me that he was in the care of his crazy wife. Isn't it funny how we can feel concern for someone we don't even know?

I'm glad to read he got some medical attention. What a relief for everyone concerned.

Their marriage may not be one where opposites attract but sometimes the blind do manage to lead the blind. So, my fingers are crossed that he and his wife fumble around and find their way and that you and your wife get a lengthy respite as caregivers.

I have to tell you, once again, that you are gifted at expressing humor even in a bad situation.

DG said...

Quite the challenge. But you know, in this case for some reason, likes (like this) do attract.

D. H. said...

Hi Cathy- they seem to be moving ahead together on a somewhat even plane so J and I are breathing a bit easier around here now. You might be right... we might be getting a bit of a break. Thanks.

Hey DG- Yah. Quite the challenge. Raising our kids wasn't anything like this. And yah! Why is it that in cases like this they do attract?

Oh well.

Sunshine said...

Sorry DH,

I am a bit behind with my reading...

Sorry to hear about your sore joints - I know what it is like - my fingers are often too sore to type too.

Good to read that you and J are getting some R and R

D. H. said...

Hi Sue- The doc says it's just a thing I'll have to live with... it's called "aging". It also leaves the door open for him to scold me about how I've lived my life up to this point. He's been my doc going on about 20 yrs now so he's seen the "stupid and reckless" side of me many, many times... at least the results of my being stupid and reckless... and he scolds, whenever he has an opportunity he scolds.

Things are "slowing down" around here a bit with BIL gone. J and I are getting a bit more quality time and some good R & R.

Harleydreamer said...

I find it odd the things I talked about in my blog before coming back here to read up on how things are going in your neck of the woods.

I can say from experience, with dispensing Trazadone, that you/she/he/someone should have been told about the possibility of it having the reverse effect and what to look for. I think it's terrible that you all had to go through that blindly.