Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Another FI-210 Class

And yet another FI-210 Wildland Fire Basic Origin and Cause Investigation course is in the books. It's my final one.

It was a great group of folks who showed for the training. Our burn window to put in the plots couldn't have been better and those "burning" folks all did a great job getting the plots ready for the class.

The class itself went very well. We only had one fellow who had to leave the training for personal reasons. Other than that all of the folks in attendance did a great job both on the book/classroom side AND on the field/interpretation side. Many thanks to Jared Eison and those fine folks at the Quinault Indian Nation for their outstanding support, once again. Here's some pics to enjoy...

Fires started by fireworks

Chatting with witnesses, getting information... or not.

...and figuring it out!
In all? It was a great class and a great way for me to close a career!

Thanks all for everything you did throughout a long, rewarding and challenging employment! Now I'm going to kick back and just try to keep on keepin' on until the next round.



Saturday, December 23, 2017

'Tis The Season

Again. Everyone, enjoy your families and friends. We'll be enjoying ours here in our household, by phone and via the internet. Merry Christmas and have a safe and happy New Year. Loving the changes being made, loving the retirement and loving the family, friends and our wonderful natural beauty out here in this great Pacific Northwest. Hardly a week goes by where I don't spend hours wandering the forests, just taking in the sights, smells and sounds of everything around me.

A little bit earlier in the year. Just one of those little country creeks.

A fun road...

A remote creek...

And an east to west creek's drainage.

Life's good when you can get out and enjoy it! Even when you're 64! Merry Christmas everyone! Have a Safe and Happy New Year!!! Enjoy!


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

I'm back on the blog.

I just thought I'd be posting back on this blog. I've been posting elsewhere but wanted to dust this one off again for craps and giggles. The other one's a bit too "political" I guess. Facebook didn't like me, twice. So, I thought I'd come back here and throw some pictures up that I took when I was sitting in my old office.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Found it! The blog... Life.

It's been awhile since I've been on here. Well over a year. I'm retired now. I've been retired since 10/2014. All's going as well as can be.

For some reason I thought this blog was removed. Today, while culling out old emails I came across one that was sent to my main account from another email account I had way back in the late 90's early 2000's. Miraculously I remembered my password to the account. First try, I got logged on! Dayum! Anyways, here I am.

Being as I have time on my hands I'm going to try to dust some things off around here and update the ol' blog.

Or not. It depends how it goes. I did succumb to the draw of Facebook... TWICE! The wife got the first timeline I set up so I set up another one. Actually two other one's but Farcebook doesn't like right winged slants and pseudonyms on the same timeline. They're okay with it if it's all a liberal thing though. Nevertheless, it is what it is. It's Zueckerman's, Zueckerborg's (whatever his friggin' name is) little treasure trove. I can't fault him for demanding that when we're in his sandbox we play by his rules. It just didn't sit well with me the way he and his ilk arbitrarily locked me out of my pseudonym timeline and refused to let me back in it so I could mine the several years of information I put into it. But again, it's his rules not mine.

On the other hand this old place is still around. I'm thankful for that. I was running out of things to do, being retired and all. Too little time, too much to do now.

Well, thanks for being here. I'll be dropping by from time to time. Don't be shy, feel free to comment. Just keep in mind I'm machiavellian as all get out when it comes to my blog. I'll put Zueckerman, Zueckerborg, whatever to shame.

Take care!

Wednesday, October 01, 2014


I thought I'd dust this place off a bit being as I have some idle time to spend.

For those two or three of you who happen to know me and stumble across this blog... well, I'm retired after roughly 42 yrs. of public service, 39 of it in the "Law Enforcement/Puzzle Solving" industry. I retired at 0001 hrs. today, the first day of October, 2014. It's an odd, bittersweet feeling.

Being as I'm done with public service I'm now going to dabble in the private sector for about five or ten years just to keep moving and keep my mind clear... Besides, the extra money will help us here at our house live with most of the creature comforts we currently have given all of the changes made over the past several years to our economy. But that might be another post some day soon.

Either way since June 9, 1972 my life up to this point has been a helluva learning experience. I've been blessed with the best family one could ever hope to have, true friends, an endless list of memories, experiences, events and an overall a great life!

Now it's time to move forward.

For those in the industry... there is a light at the end of that tunnel. Keep moving towards it but don't focus on it... you have to make it there to get there. So far, it's not that bad (but then again this is only 10 hrs. into my first day of the rest of my life).

Stay safe, learn from each other, teach each other, trust your instincts, trust your training, your judgment and by all means go home to your family when you're done for the day!

I'll be dropping by this site more often now that I have a bit more time to tinker!

Look out!