Sunday, February 07, 2016

Found it! The blog... Life.

It's been awhile since I've been on here. Well over a year. I'm retired now. I've been retired since 10/2014. All's going as well as can be.

For some reason I thought this blog was removed. Today, while culling out old emails I came across one that was sent to my main account from another email account I had way back in the late 90's early 2000's. Miraculously I remembered my password to the account. First try, I got logged on! Dayum! Anyways, here I am.

Being as I have time on my hands I'm going to try to dust some things off around here and update the ol' blog.

Or not. It depends how it goes. I did succumb to the draw of Facebook... TWICE! The wife got the first timeline I set up so I set up another one. Actually two other one's but Farcebook doesn't like right winged slants and pseudonyms on the same timeline. They're okay with it if it's all a liberal thing though. Nevertheless, it is what it is. It's Zueckerman's, Zueckerborg's (whatever his friggin' name is) little treasure trove. I can't fault him for demanding that when we're in his sandbox we play by his rules. It just didn't sit well with me the way he and his ilk arbitrarily locked me out of my pseudonym timeline and refused to let me back in it so I could mine the several years of information I put into it. But again, it's his rules not mine.

On the other hand this old place is still around. I'm thankful for that. I was running out of things to do, being retired and all. Too little time, too much to do now.

Well, thanks for being here. I'll be dropping by from time to time. Don't be shy, feel free to comment. Just keep in mind I'm machiavellian as all get out when it comes to my blog. I'll put Zueckerman, Zueckerborg, whatever to shame.

Take care!