Sunday, July 05, 2009

what are you looking for anyway?

(About the pic: Wildland fire investigators searching for clues to the fire's cause. Putting the puzzle together. May 10, 2009. Washington State)

The draw of the puzzle! The thrill of the search!

Information! Where to go, how to look for it, how to find it! What do you do with it once you've found it?

Why are you searching for it in the first place?

There's so many unanswered questions. Just looking at the blog's search results can lead to fantastic ideas, plots, themes.

Here's a breakdown regarding people's searches that brought them to this particular site...

I'm not sure what everyone was doing with this first one but here's the top search subject for the month of June, 2009. Folks must be curious about the Alford Plea... for whatever reasons.

-Overall Alford Plea related information. 63.63 percent

-Definition. 27.27 percent
-In Georgia? 9.09 percent
-In Massachusettes? 6.82 percent
-In Washington state? 6.82 percent
-In Colorado? 2.27 percent
-In general? 2.27 percent
-When do you use an alford plea? 2.27 percent
-Is an alford plea to help you or hurt you? 2.27 percent
-Sex offenders and alford pleas in georgia? 2.27 percent
-Dismissal of alford plea washington state? 2.27 percent

Then we had the second most popularly searched subject for June, 2009... Prednisone. Also known as Predesone, Predisone. Believed by me to have led to Dad's deterioration of health and subsequent death. We will never know for sure... just my suspicion.

-Prednisone. Also searched as predesone. 20.45 percent

-Predesone? 18.18 percent
-Super swollen arms following a rash? 2.27 percent

Followed by one of the all time favorites...

-Hobo Spiders? 9.10 percent

-Hobo spider photos? 2.27 percent
-Hobo spider bite? 2.27 percent
-Hobo spider? 2.27 percent
-Hobo spider WA state? 2.27 percent

The fourth most searched subject in June 2009 that landed people on this particular blog is a newby to the top five.

-Devil's Club? 4.55 percent

-Devil's club plant WA state? 2.27 percent
-Devil's club Olympic Peninsula? 2.27 percent

And finally, the fifth most popular search subject...

-Livingston Boat information? 2.27 percent

-Steering console for Livingston boat? 2.27 percent

I can only hope people found what they were looking for. The subjects are pretty diverse. But then again, the visitors to this site are coming here from just about everywhere on the globe.

Although the traffic has slowed considerably over the years it's still interesting to see who's visiting and from where they're visiting. I also try to determine what exactly they're looking for. There were a couple of rather absurd and bizarre searches but I've decided I'll save their information for another days post.

Bottom line! Thanks for stopping by! I'm not going away but I'm sure not as active on here as I used to be. Who knows, perhaps that'll change and I'll get back to posting about the world, as we see it a bit more regularly than I've been recently.

Take care! Thanks again.

Enjoy life!

Saturday, July 04, 2009

It's Independence Day!!!

Stay safe, sane and enjoy your freedoms!

Have fun today everyone. Spend the day with your family, friends, neighbors and watch over your pets... they tend to get nervous with all of the noise and all.

Whatever you do don't get squirrely out there! Enjoy the day!