Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A day at the "estate"...

The other day I took a walk down a recreation trail that belongs to the company to see if there was anything "wrong" with it... windfall, erosion, etc.

We've been having some pretty rugged weather in these parts this winter. Restaurants, homes and roads destroyed by mudslides, floods closing the interstate highway for several days, scores of thousands of trees blown down...

...all kinds of natural challenges.

And that's on the "job" side of things. I wish life was that simple.

At home we're still sorting through the "estate". Trying to tie up all of the loose ends before we move on.

I think I mentioned that Dad didn't have a will. He left some things to be dealt with when he died.

He was doing his best to "catch up" when he was alive but we really didn't realize how much he was affected by that stroke he had earlier in August.

I don't think he realized that himself. Several bills were left unpaid, the checks were in the envelopes but they weren't mailed... for two months.

He had more than enough money in the bank to cover the checks he just didn't mail them. But he thought he did. He told me he did a couple of times when we chatted after the stroke.

When Dad died all of the bills to be paid were stacked at the end of the breakfast bar. Stacked there for months. Checks in sealed envelopes that were never mailed.

At first everyone was in agreement as to what to do. All five of us "boys" were on board as a team... an odd accomplishment at best. Now it's fractured a bit but it lasted much longer than I thought it would.

Right now there's a bit of dissension. The one who could be counted on to throw a tantrum did. I lost money on the bet as to when though. I lost it quite awhile ago.

So, four of us are moving down the same path, the fifth... who knows what he's doing and who really cares.

I have some personal collections and a house of Dad's to sell so quite frankly, I don't particularly care where he's pouted off to.

I'm tired of having to act like I do.

Once these deeds are done I'll be done too. Done with it all. I'm going to move on, wash my hands of his lifelong tantrums and enjoy what's left to live.

Take care all. I apologize for returning with so much negativity but it's been a long eight months, at least.