Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A day with Reese...

Hey Papa... let's talk.

Let's have a chat, a conversation, let's have a dialogue.

Let's get together and chat about things.

Well, it kind of worked for Hillary... kind of.

So anyways, where'd you go today Papa? You left me here with Grandma J all day and we had a ball. I showed her a bunch of things.

We visited for a bit and then I took a little nap.

It wasn't all that long... just long enough to recharge my little, new battery and get her to pay attention to me again.

Actually Papa, Grandma is fun to mess with.

Just when she thinks I'm drifting off into slumber land... just when she thinks she might have an hour or two of "quiet time" I let her know I'm awake and ready to chat, talk, have a dialogue.

She makes the funniest faces when she talks.

Come to think of it you do too. All of you do.

Why is it that you "adults" make such fools of yourselves when you interact with us little folks?

I mean, it's not like I'm complaining because I'm not but when I talk to my cousins they all tell me "it's a grown up thing".

I'm guessing you think I can't understand a word you're saying.

Nothing could be farthest from the truth.

You know, us kids... we have our ways of communicating. You all pick up on it pretty fast though, I'll give you that.

Papa, when Grandma sees my face turning red and there's nothing but grunts coming out of me she knows exactly what I'm doing and exactly what to do...

... she gets a dry, non soiled, comfortable thingy and puts it on me after she takes that sticky, wet one off of me. And I get a warm, cleansing, sink bath to boot.

Now that's body language!

You now, you're a bit slow on the uptake. You've gotta pay a bit more attention to Grandma about these things.

Take a few pointers from her.

You can be hilarious sometimes... concocting ways on how to get around the "change poopoo thingy" moment.

But one of these days, ONE OF THESE DAYS it's just going to be you and me...

Grandma's going to be out somewhere, Mommy and Daddy are going to be out doing something, you're going to be alone with me for a bit of time and I'm gonna let one go.

One I've been saving just for you!

And then... and then I'll give Grandpa Jerry the same present. Or maybe he'll get the present first.

I really haven't decided.

You Papa's seem to think you're below the radar... you're not. At least not mine!

It all involves timing, opportunity and... well, you know what else.

I'll see ya' later Papa(s).

Saturday, February 17, 2007

things are a changing...

...it's like the roll of the dice! Life throws so many challenges and opportunities at you.

Quite often you have to pick and choose, selecting the most pressing challenge to meet.

Selecting the most rewarding opportunity to chase...

...at the time.

It's life at it's worst and best.

In your mind you can make a house a home. You can claim the only way you're leaving is on a gurney. But, it's not up to you... it's not up to the house, the home.

Whether or not your house is your home depends upon the challenges you face, the opportunities you catch. It depends upon how all of this plays out in your life.

Your family's life.

Every house is a "home", isn't it?

Nah, there has to be a certain feel.

A love... satisfaction, relaxation.

A world of memories... however slight.

When you wake up in bed, in your "home" you feel the warmth, the comfort of that home. A house... well, it's just that, a house.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Without going into detail I just thought I'd share a bit of our most recent challenge. In short, attorneys are nothing more than blood sucking, money grubbing, soul-less beings.

For what it's worth.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Blog...

...has been officially moved over to Google.

I had no choice. It wouldn't let me logon to the blog this morning until I converted it over.

So, now it's done. A few changes but, for the most part it's a done deal.