Saturday, February 17, 2007

things are a changing...'s like the roll of the dice! Life throws so many challenges and opportunities at you.

Quite often you have to pick and choose, selecting the most pressing challenge to meet.

Selecting the most rewarding opportunity to chase... the time.

It's life at it's worst and best.

In your mind you can make a house a home. You can claim the only way you're leaving is on a gurney. But, it's not up to you... it's not up to the house, the home.

Whether or not your house is your home depends upon the challenges you face, the opportunities you catch. It depends upon how all of this plays out in your life.

Your family's life.

Every house is a "home", isn't it?

Nah, there has to be a certain feel.

A love... satisfaction, relaxation.

A world of memories... however slight.

When you wake up in bed, in your "home" you feel the warmth, the comfort of that home. A house... well, it's just that, a house.

Nothing more, nothing less.

Without going into detail I just thought I'd share a bit of our most recent challenge. In short, attorneys are nothing more than blood sucking, money grubbing, soul-less beings.

For what it's worth.


Ed said...

Oh no. If you mean what I think you mean I'm so sorry.

Dennis said...

Hi Ed,

Thanks for your concern but J's and my relationship is great. We're just having some other "challenges" here and will work through those as well.

Thanks again though.

Cathy said...

I'm glad you cleared that up. Like Ed, your relationship with J was the first place my mind went.

Glad to hear that is still solid.

I look at a challenge as an invitation to show my strength. My ability to problem solve and survive.

I like the phrase, "most rewarding opportunity to chase." Whatever is happening and no matter how many blood sucking attorneys involved I feel sure you will come out on top.

Don't be such a stranger!

Dennis said...

Thanks Cathy. There's some days I think J and I have simply been tapped out of energy and then there's those days where we're looking forward to another round. Whatever the case though, it seems to never end.

When one thing's put to bed another thing crops up.

But then again, that's life isn't it? Life's struggles?