Monday, August 13, 2007

The "Ol' Man"...

...Dad, he has some ailments.

Our son and my brother had to give him CPR yesterday. I was across the state about 300 miles away in the Cheney area working on a fire when the wife called me. I just arrived at the fire after making the 5 hours drive from home earlier in the day. She told me Dad "wasn't acting right". One of my brother's had made his usual stop by Dad's house Sunday morning and while there he noticed Dad was acting a bit confused, pre-occupied... lethargic.

He called our house to try to get someone to come over and help him with Dad. Dad's stubborn as all get out and didn't want to go to the hospital. I wasn't home so my brother called our son. After receiving the call Justin headed for Dad's house to see what he could do.

The wife also went over there after calling me.

By the time I got word and got someone over at Dad's to answer a phone everyone had arrived. I spoke with my brother who told me Dad was "very confused, not himself" then I talked with Dad.

Wow! He definitely wasn't himself. I immediately thought "stroke" and urged everyone to call the medics. Either way, he wasn't well at all.

Eventually someone called 911.

Dad quit breathing. Justin and my brother had to perform CPR on him until the medics arrived.

When the medics arrived they tended to him in their normal, professional manner.

They carted him off... to the hospital, to the place he didn't want to go but had to. They had to zap him to get his heart back once as they were taking him out of the house to put him into the medic unit for transport to the hospital. I guess that didn't sit well with The Old Man.

But what he said made the medics laugh. He had his wits at least.

Yup, the Old Man... he has some ailments. And his chest hurts a little this morning too.

I drove home from Cheney as soon as I heard what was going on. He's doing much better and today the doctors will be trying to figure out what happened to him yesterday.

I'm taking the day off today and will be running Andrew up to see him. The little bugger is worried about him... we all are. All in all, yesterday was a very busy day!

Just another one of life's precious moments.

A postnote re: strokes. Don't hesitate to get medical attention if you suspect someone is having a stroke. Get immediate medical attention. Time is everything when a stroke is suspected.

We were lucky with Dad. We're not even sure that's what happened but the doctors are leaning that way. Either way, it scared the crap out of all of us!

Update! August 14, 2007
It seems Dad had a stroke previously that led to a couple of "seizures" on Sunday... the day all of this came to a head. I visited him this morning and he's doing much, much better. A bit irritated about a couple of things but hey (no driving for 6 months, cat scans, probes, etc.), but HEY, he's here with us. That's the good news! I was comfortable enough with his condition to head out for some catch up work in Northeastern Washington. I'll be back home Friday to see if we can get him out of that hospital and get him back into his comfort zone.

The wife, the son, brother Dan, Andrea... hell, all of them heroes and heroines of this latest "adventure". Thanks for being there!

Update!! August 16, 2007
Okay, he's been released from the hospital and is in the comforts of his home. He's doing much better. Thanks everyone for your comments, concerns and prayers.