Friday, March 14, 2008

Let There Be Twins!!!

We have twin grandsons!

Our Daughter In Law went on on March 05, 2008 to give birth to twins and she did!

Brett and Blake. Our new grandsons. TWINS!!!


Brett has a little cleft on his chin that's just like Grandpa's so I can tell which one is which. They're really not identical but they are kind of identical.

Officially they're fraternal twins. You know... not identical but born as twins. They were about two minutes apart.

Brett first then Blake.

I know some of you want all of the details re: size, weight, etc. but I just don't have that with me right here, right now. I had it at one time but not now.

The birth was by "C" section so I guess the order of birth was determined more by the attending physician rather than Mom Nature.

Brett is the smallest of the two.

He's also got a bit of a "perky" personality. I mean, he's already being a bit ornery... in a cute sort of way.

Blake, on the other hand... his "younger" but bigger brother is more calculating. He seems to be a bit more cautious, more wary... for an infant.

I don't know, I'm no Dr. Spock but I swear these two boys are destined to be great, productive citizens in this world.

I just feel it in my bones.

Call me crazy, call me nuts...

Call me whatever you want. But I know these two boys have what it takes to make a positive and productive mark in this world.

They're destined for greatness!!!

Better yet, you can call me Grandpa!

Mom's doing fine! She's had some tough spots but she's doing fine.