Sunday, April 23, 2006

this whole blog thing...

...must be contagious.

Yesterday, "Dad" and "Montana twin brother" stopped by for dinner. The conversation went from their trip, pictures, digital cameras and computers to blogging, in general.

Now Dad isn't any slouch when it comes to trying new things. Heck, we (he and I) broke into the computer world years ago. We'd used "word processors" prior to the day when word processors were actually popular... We'd tinkered with "Montana twin brother's" Commodore system and in 1983 Dad and I each purchased our own tape driven computers... the type that had to be connected to black and white televisions. Everything we did involved typing strings of commands in CP/M, BASIC (which was stored on tape) to get the computer to do anything.

The computer, keyboard, printer and tapes (one was a blank tape for "storage" and the other was the "program" tape)cost more (comparison wise approximately $600.00 back then) than the lightning fast cpu's bundled with printers, scanners, flat screens, keyboards and software we use today. It was manufactured by Coleco in 1983... called the Adam and could be used as a "stand alone" home computer system or as an "add on" to the Coleco game system. The bottom line... it was not user friendly... not at all.

So, why am I telling you this? Well, to let you know that Dad really never backs away from any new, innovative challenges... never. Actually, he embraces them. His hunger for information, for trying new, innovative things has always been one of his finer qualities. He has always led by example... that "follow me" type example as he sets out to master that which is new.

So, it didn't surprise me when he started asking me about "this blog thing... what is it?"

I tried to explain it to him... an online, running diary of sorts... an area where you post thoughts, happenings, experiences, jokes... anything your heart desires and your mind conjures up.

I tried to explain it but the more I tried to explain the more I realized I just wasn't being clear.

"Do you want a blog Dad?" I asked him.

"Yeah. Yeah, I think I do" he answered.

...and the rest is history. I grabbed the laptop, plopped it onto the dinner table logged onto my wireless router and hooked him up with blogspot. Within a couple of minutes he had his own blog and was posting his first post to it.

Not bad for an old fart!

This is just another bit of the internet evolution that happens daily... eh?

...and to think Al Gore caused all of this!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

the old man...

...drove to Montana the other day.

Yup, hopped in the car and drove to Montana. 83 years old and he's scooting across three states to Great Falls, Montana.

Going there to visit one brother (the eldest... and he's old!) and bring back another (one of the twins) who's old too!

You see, I'm the youngest. At 53 years old I'm the youngest!


They said it then... I can say it now...

A whole different meaning between then and now... youngest.

Anyways, Dad got back tonight with "Montana twin brother". They made the 16 hour trip in a bit under 14 hours.

Moses Lake is still suffering from the crosswinds, I'm sure.

The bottom line... it was good to have them here... home! "J" and I cooked up some food (I got to bbq)... shrimp, pork steak (I had salmon), acorn squash and condiments... all grilled... all gone.

So, we can rest easy tonight.

For once.

For awhile.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

who wants to know what...

...about me?

Judging from these "statcounter" Recent Came From stats I'm believing someone's trying to learn more about me... hmmmm. Drop me an email and I'll try to accomodate you... within reason.

Here's the stats...

Date Time Came From Landing Page
19 Apr 20:34:20
19 Apr 20:19:41
19 Apr 20:18:41
19 Apr 20:14:11
19 Apr 20:12:28
19 Apr 17:34:40
19 Apr 16:57:04
19 Apr 16:56:50

LOL... so covert.


The IP address used in these profile searches... is registered as follows:

Search results for:

OrgName: Center for Information Services
OrgID: CIS-70
Address: 3101 Northup Way, Suite 100
City: Bellevue
StateProv: WA
PostalCode: 98004
Country: US

NetRange: -
NetName: CIS-1NET
NetHandle: NET-134-39-0-0-1
Parent: NET-134-0-0-0-0
NetType: Direct Assignment
NameServer: APPLE.UW.WA-K20.NET
NameServer: CTC.CTC.EDU
RegDate: 1992-06-02
Updated: 2001-10-22

RTechHandle: CA476-ARIN
RTechName: Administrator, CTC
RTechPhone: +1-425-803-9721

OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE135-ARIN
OrgAbuseName: Abuse Contact
OrgAbusePhone: +1-425-803-9721

OrgTechHandle: CA476-ARIN
OrgTechName: Administrator, CTC
OrgTechPhone: +1-425-803-9721

...pretty interesting stuff here.

Oh yeah, and another side note...

The original "Anonymous" comment in response to my post on Sunday, April 09, 2006
entitled "we visited an inmate in the Thurston County jail..." came from IP:

The comment Skelly left on Tuesday, April 18, 2006 11:23:36 PM in response to my "innocuous comments..." post came from IP:

So that somewhat wraps up my original thought... either Anonymous is using Skelly's computer... or they're both the same person.

I know where I'd put my money... and I'm not really that much of a betting man.

At least he came out of hiding in his second post.

Now, to follow up on that voice mail...



Here's what Cathy posted to the comments section of Skelly's blog...

(Skelly quoted me re:) "I have every reason to believe…" I like that, very expert-sounding, but in fact, his defense attorney hasn't said anything of the sort.


"Aren't you inferring things that were not said? He didn't say that the defense attorney had said anything specific. He said that he "believed" that she would make a specific recommendation. Turns out he was right doesn't it? The defense attorney did exactly as he thought she would. Based on his experience he was able to predict exactly what would happen. I'm not sure why you or anyone else would take offense with the fact that the man had an opinion. Unless of course it's because his opinion shed a negative light on the position you hold in the legal system.

Sorry but being a Defense Attorney does not exempt you or anyone in your profession from criticism. If you are so bothered by it why not take it up with the multitude of Defense Attorneys out there who give the profession a bad name? Your time might be more productively spent doing that instead of ragging on some man who genuinely cares about his BIL. Go rag on those who might actually bring about change in the system instead of someone who no longer trusts the system due to a negative history with it.

"add the posting relative's speculation and expert opinion that bipolar is an affirmative defense,"

At no time has it been insinuated or even outright stated that bipolar is a defense. In my opinion you have quite the talent for twisting words around to make them mean what you want. The mere fact that he mentions that his BIL is bipolar does not translate into he should be given special treatment because of the fact. You pulled that implication out of thin air.

You know what impresses me? The fact that you are an over-worked Defense Attorney who has so much time for cruising the internet. Maybe the "unseemly amount of time" you spend searching the internet would be better spent working on that heavy case load you have. I'm sure your clients would appreciate your unseemly interest in their cases. But, hey, if you would rather search the internet and rag on people who are concerned about their relatives that is your business. Just as it is his business to be concerned and to express his concerns.

Seriously, don't you think this entire post and the question of whether or not you should have shared what you had found with the other attorney a bit sophomoric? It smacks of something you would expect from a high school kid, not an adult and especially not a member of the profession you are in. I would think you people would have better things to do than spend time discussing the fact that a perfect stranger has a negative opinion about your chosen profession. Then again, maybe you don't huh?
Cathy | Homepage | 04.19.06 - 12:39 am | #


Thank you Cathy! Thank you...

I wasn't sure I was making sense with my posts and I thought we were in this alone.

Thank you.

On a side note, I did have a fleeting bit of encouragement today but it fell through re: a possible ear... someone who I thought might listen. Oh well.

An update: I went to bpbil's arraignment today. He tried to dismiss Ms. Murphy as his public defender but the judge wouldn't allow it. Although the judge did offer Ms. Murphy an opportunity to "remove herself" from representing bpbil... she refused. She wanted to remain as his counsel.

...this is a travesty. An attorney who refuses to work with "the accused"... an attorney who will not discuss his case with him yet is force fed to him by the court! By the judge!

After she stated she wanted to remain as his counsel the judge then announced (with a chuckle) "Then you're still his counsel!"

It's all a sham...

After that he proceeded to chastise bpbil... telling him that the judge hearing his case would most likely "lock you up and throw away the key" based upon his prior criminal history.

Now that's an unbiased statement, eh?

Obviously, the judge was close to intimidating bpbil into copping the plea of guilty for something bpbil claims he didn't do... Innocent until proven guilty???

I will say bpbil continued to profess his innocence to the judge... something he's never done in the past. It fell on deaf ears.

When bpbil opted for a trial the judge told him he was entitled to a trial but he was obviously annoyed.

I know. I watched the proceedings through that point. Prior to hearing bpbil the judge was very animated, jovial, even entertaining at times. He was fun to watch... until bpbil appeared (on camera) and opted to "dismiss" his attorney. Then the judge's mood changed. It was no longer that pleasant, everyday jovial judge mood but an almost threatening, annoyed, chastising judge mood.

"You're going to lose" attitude by the judge followed by the affirmative nodding of Ms. Murphy, bpbil's "public defender".

They're willing to send bpbil up for years on misdemeanors... "lock him up and throw away the key... a long, long time." because he has a "bad record". Not based on the merits or facts obtained but based upon his prior history! Things he's already served time for that has nothing to do with these... allegations.

Piss poor follow up on the allegations though!

Where's the justice here.

Coupled with this was another charge of assault... three days prior, on March 19th. It's obvious they're going to try to bury bpbil in the system.

My question is if there was an alleged assault on the 19th of March... three days prior to the "original" charges why did his wife wait so long to report it? Why wasn't it reported at the time... much like the other ones were reported. Was she fabricating this assault much like the assault she admitted to "J", Donna (J's now deceased mother who actually despised bpbil's wife) and I to having fabricated back in 2002? Admitted over and over and over again... with what we thought was genuine remorse.

There are witnesses as to what bpbil was doing on the 19th of March and it had nothing to do with associating with his... wife... who is far, far less a person than bpbil's son's mother... the addict and alcoholic from Georgia.

No one seems to be asking these questions... no one seems to be following up on this information to confirm whether or not these assaults actually did occur. But then again, why would they? They have a convicted felon accused of a crime here. He has to be guilty! Look at his record.

They're simply taking his... wife's... (that's so damned hard to say... "his wife's." I can't believe he married that thing) word for everything.

I'd say put him on the box... polygraph him. He's offered to do it... so do it!

Then, offer it to her and her... offspring and trolls.

For what it's worth.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

kathy's post on skelly's blog...

...was a bit intriguing.

Sorry all... bear with me. I'm a bit pre-occupied right now.

Kathy, you posted this on Skelly's blog.

"i appreciate when family members are coming through to support the client -- but sometimes fillial love doesn't take into account things like evidence. [then, there are the other times when family members just don't want to be bothered, even if they are witnesses.]

there is just no question that lawyers in the criminal system are overloaded. in a lot of ordinary trial-level cases, to tell the truth, there is not that much to argue about. defense lawyers don't hold some kind of magic "get out of jail" card.

but defense lawyers do have some magic. you want a trial? you get a trial -- even if you are likely to lose on the facts, and get a whole lot more time. we fight to get the state's evidence. we research and do the best we can to find out when that evidence is questionable and unreliable. we keep the state from cheating, or else explain how they are cheating. we look for witnesses, and work with them. we lose sleep trying to write the best arguments we can for the jury, or for the court.

we share our stories and problems, and brainstorm how best to help the client. because that is the whole deal -- how best to help the client.
kathy a | 04.18.06 - 4:55 pm | #"

I truly want to believe that you would "fight to get the state's evidence... research and do the best (sic) to find out when that evidence is questionable and unreliable."

I would love to believe that you "keep the state from cheating, or else explain how they are cheating."

I would embrace your idea of "look(ing) for witnesses, and work(ing) with them."

Re: sleep... what is that?

But, overall... the best and most encouraging comment you made was "we share our stories and problems, and brainstorm how best to help the client. because that is the whole deal -- how best to help the client."

If you believe... if you truly believe this stuff that you posted then step up to the plate and prod your fellow Public Defenders along with you... because, from what I'm hearing this just "ain't the case"... though I'm sure from your post that you're well intended.

Drop an email if you feel the urge to.

What I'm basically saying is justice ain't happening with bi-polar brother in law. His "Public Defender" made up her mind long before she ever talked with him.

...and it isn't "how best to help the client."

innocuous comments...

...from those who look upon us as Blog slaggers.

Did you know that if you write a post that might slight a public defender you're known as a blog slagger in their language. Of course, we're viewed as lesser humans... I've already experienced these conversations between public defenders and deputy prosecutors. True... family and witnesses for the accused are viewed as lesser humans, liars... those who will do anything... say anything to keep their family, friend from copping a plea.

Read the comments posted by those who read Skelly's blog regarding bi-polar brother in law...

Hell, read the comment by Mr. or Ms. Anonymous to this blog...

...I'll post it:

"Anonymous said...
"money hungry lawyers" Are you serious? Do you know how much a public defender makes? I can assure you, PDs are about as far away from being money hungry as social workers and non-profit workers. They're in the trenches, doing the Lord's work. As are Prosecutors, doing the Lord's work, and not "money hungry" either.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 3:02:44 PM"

You know, there was a day when I actually believed that. Early in my career I actually believed that these people... these attorneys were hard working, truth seeking, compassionate human beings who were working for the good of the accused... seeking justice for them and their cause.

Yeah, there was that day until I was invited into their conversations... their drunken discussions about this idiot or that idiot... discussions about how the public defender would love to get into the wife's or girlfriend's pants... or how the deputy prosecutor would laugh... screaming laughter with the public defender... back slapping, drink spilling laughter... bragging about how they flushed another one.

"He might not have done this one but he's done enough of the other stuff to make up for it!" or...

"He deserves it... don't worry about it. You did a good job with what little you had."... and then they laugh together... drink together.

This makes my skin crawl... it made it crawl then and it makes it crawl now.

I know there's some damned fine attorneys out there. Damned fine attorneys who are damned fine human beings and definitely know how to do their job! I just haven't seen too many around here lately. Not on this Thurston County criminal and family court side anyways. At least not any of those I've seen within the past three years.

Nope. It's either money or plead... no compromise.

I would think that an attorney who is interested in determining whether an "accused" (note they really don't refer to any "accused" as a "client" in the Public Defenders realm) actually committed the offense he/she was accused of committing would be interested in obtaining information from those who would be close to the entire situation. Those who have observed behaviors on all sides.

I would think the Public Defender would be interested in discussing the particulars of the case with the accused... at least!

That does not include discussing the accused's case with the accusers... no one on the accused's behalf... absolutely no one... and then visiting the accused and demanding that he plead guilty or she'll "tell the judge that (the accused) has a bad attitude!"

That's uncalled for!

Where's the representation here?

And the childish accusations of lies... I've been accused of lying to this woman I've never met... never talked to...

Hell, I haven't tried to contact her. I gave up on her when she suggested bi-polar brother in law cop a plea (yeah skelly... "cop a plea") because I knew she wasn't going to listen. I knew she was only interested in clearing this file from her "in basket" or "to do" list.

...and you know what? Skelly and company proved me right. Their comments are about my posts, about me being "an extremely disgruntled family member of an incarcerated accused."

They don't question my intent... the possibility that there might be a valid claim here. They don't entertain the possibility that there's some merit to what is being said.

No, instead they circle the wagons, light the bonfire, gather around and chatter to one another about those big bad slaggers out there who want to burst bubbles... who want to expose their little c'est la vis world for what it is...

Nope... instead I get an anonymous post. I will say that the anonymous poster did provide me with the path back to skelly's blog though... and I do thank him/her for that because now I know I'm being read... for what it's worth.

Perhaps one of those damned fine attorneys out there who happens to read Skelly's blog might... just might take up an interest and get the urge to put the puzzle together, listen to some history... facts, rather than insist the accused "cop a plea" or be branded to the judge as having a "bad attitude".

No, I'm not covert... not covert at all. I have a name... he gave it to you. I have a phone number, I have email. My wife even called your office once... weeks ago. We're still waiting for your return call.


That's what this whole Thurston County "Public Defenders" thing is... pathetic.

If you want respect seek the facts, truths. If you want an apology do your job.

musta hit a nerve...

...judging from the increased frequency of visits, etc. to the blog by attorneys and the likes.

The following is an excerpt from a blog authored by an attorney who claims on his blog to be a colleague of bi-polar brother in law's "Public Defender".

"April 17, 2006
Blog slag - advice wanted

My defense-inclined sistren and brethren:

You know I spend an unseemly amount of time browsing the various search engines for the latest tidings of public defender joy from the internets.

Usually I share the day's most angst-inducing examples with you. Usually I'm more than ready to link you to an ignorant post that pisses me off, say, one that contains the phrase "Tomorrow he goes to trial for his 3rd offense DUI and plans to have his public defender ( not a lawyer, just a public defender)..." or "So i am freaking out a lil bit.. becuase i did not have the money for a real lawyer i got a public defender..(free lawyer) which i dont really trust them..."Charmed I'm sure.

Tonight, though, I found a post slagging a criminal defense colleague and naming names, written by an extremely disgruntled family member of an incarcerated accused. I'm not linking, but here's the flavor:

His "Defense Attorney"... just wants him to "cop a plea..."

These attorneys are, for the most part very eager to settle the case. With exceptions, they're normally not the sharpest knife in the drawer...

Lather, rinse, repeat.

So I'm asking for your comments here. Do I share this link with my colleague (I like this colleague)? Would you want to know? Would you just as soon not know?

Update: Thanks to everyone for the good comments and advice. Today I did give the link to my colleague, who took the news much better than I would. Was amused in fact. Shared the printed-out post with other colleagues in fact. We crim-def types are a thick-skinned lot.
Posted by: Skelly / 7:11 PM Comments (12) | Trackback (0)

Now, being as he shared a link to this blog for all of his defense-inclined sistren and brethren to link back here I think I've garnered some attention for bi-polar brother in law by (at least) someone over there at the Public Defender's office... but then again... maybe not.

Bi-polar brother in law told me she visited him this afternoon... wanted to know who his covert brother in law is... covert??? Where'd she get that from? He told her and she evidently went off on him because he also told her he wasn't pleading guilty to the fourth degree assault (see, I knew she'd try to get him to plead).

Update: I shared the blog information with bi-polar brother in law... (which, by the way is not a defense... bi-polar disorders. We never said it was, never said it should be... I just call him that because I really don't want to post his name all over the 'net so it's my way of identifying him to this blog's readers.)

Anyways, I shared the blog information with him and let him know it was visited... which most likely prompted her visit to him.

Now, if you want to read the other blogger's blog here's the link... You'll get the full gist of the conversation. Be sure to read the "comments" and note that I didn't post anonymously, covertly (lol... that's funny!).

Thursday, April 13, 2006

what's the thought...

...behind some of the queries???

I was checking "Recent Keyword Activity" and received the following information from StatCounter today.

I'm wondering what really is behind some of these searches... particularly the one on 8 Apr 14:54:25. I had to see what else came up in their search. LOL!!! I never knew they made those things!!!

Anyway, it's pretty rugged.

So, here's the list. Much of it is self explanatory..., I'm going off to do that search again.


-10 Apr 15:07:39 cysts on knuckles
-10 Apr 15:06:58 cysts on knuckles
-10 Apr 14:07:27 liquidlogic manta ray alabama
-9 Apr 00:28:37 fishing kayaks liquidlogic manta ray
-8 Apr 17:37:47 why do my knuckles hurt
-8 Apr 14:54:25 bi-polar butt plug
-8 Apr 09:42:14
-7 Apr 20:49:07 driving colville to spokane
-7 Apr 19:39:05 type of car i am 2006/01/what-type-of-car-am-i.html
-7 Apr 09:41:16 how to mix vinegar & honey 2005/04/honey-vinegar-water-and-green-tea.html
-5 Apr 07:48:30 proof that elvis is alive 2005/10/hes-alive.html
-4 Apr 21:03:42 honey and vinegar for weight loss 2005/04/honey-vinegar-water-and-green-tea.html
-4 Apr 11:16:06 vinegar&honey 2005/04/honey-vinegar-water-and-green-tea.html
-3 Apr 19:10:33 drinking apple cider vinegar for hair loss 2005/04/honey-vinegar-water-and-green-tea.html
-3 Apr 18:40:14 raw oyster preparation 2006/01/eating-raw-oysters.html
-3 Apr 11:53:04 what type of car am i? 2006/01/what-type-of-car-am-i.html
-3 Apr 11:45:46 what type of car am i? 2006/01/what-type-of-car-am-i.html
-3 Apr 09:43:07 hobo spider pics 2005/09/is-it-hobo-spider-or-isnt-it.html
-31 Mar 12:40:12 vinegar and honey 2005/04/honey-vinegar-water-and-green-tea.html
-31 Mar 09:08:38 type of soul 2006/02/what-type-of-soul-am-i.html

I encourage you to take some of these "searches" yourself just to see what comes up. Darned interesting... some of this stuff.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

a letter from an inmate... the Thurston County Jail.

We got a letter yesterday from bi-polar brother in law. The return address was clear. It was scribbled in pencil but it was clear...

Bill (Last name I won't post)-D-11
2000 Lakeridge Dr.
Olympia, WA. 98502

On the right upper corner of the envelope... a metered stamp... and a note scribbled in pencil.


and then in the center, front of the envelope

...our address.

On the back of the envelope there was a "Smiley Face" with the words Have A Nice Day scribbled in pencil above it...

...and this stamped in bold!


Inside of the envelope was the letter... I think the first letter I've ever received from bi-polar brother in law.

...the letter which stated the following...

"Dear “J” & “D”,

I thought I’d write you a letter to let you know what’s really going on in Thurston County! The legal system. Because of extremely high case loads the Attorneys, Prosecutors and judges are not following criminal rules and procedures according to Washington State and U. S. constitutional laws.

Right now over 300 cases are scheduled for trial before May, 2006. Since there is no possible way to try these cases within their scheduled time, out of desperation Prosecutors, attorneys and judges are denying defendants their constitutional rights to a fair and speedy trial. Attorneys with the cooperation of judges are continuing these cases for any and all reasons, without the defendants consent or knowledge.

As a result, defendants without having a chance to prove their innocence in a timely manner are losing their jobs, homes and have lost the ability to care for their families. Even though the purpose of the law is to punish criminals, while at the same time allowing citizens to prove their innocence this is not the case in Thurston County.

One of the main reasons for the amount of cases is the fact that anything can be constituted as probable cause. Without proper investigation or information, defendants who have been arrested are held with extremely high bail. Many of them who cannot afford bail are forced to remain in custody because of their financial status. We are prejudiced by a judicial system which discriminates on the basis of social and economic classification.

Another reason for the overcrowding in jails and courtrooms is the Prosecutors are compounding charges exceeding the Crimes allegedly committed. Multiple charges are stacked for the same criminal conduct and are used for ammunition by the Prosecutors for Plea Bargaining.

Although 90% of the defendants have court appointed attorneys which are handling 3 times the Washington State Bar associations recommended guidelines for cases many of the private attorneys who have been practicing for years in Thurston County are going along with these practices and cooperating with the Prosecutors by intimidating their clients into not going to trial, but instead persuading the clients to take a Plea Bargain. Attorneys are allowed to retain large sums of $ for little or no work at all.

The practice of stacking multiple charges and repeatedly continuing cases are forcing the accused to make uninformed decisions out of desperation to agree to Plea agreements instead of going to trial. It is also a common practice for both parties to conference with judges regarding decisions before relaying all of the facts to the defendant. Although it is quite apparent, several honest Attorneys and officers of the court have confirmed this information.

Another unscrupulous method used to prevent cases from going to trial is the withholding of discovery. This leaves the client in the dark about facts concerning their cases. Most public and private defenders in these cases refuse to keep in contact with their clients and rarely prepare cases to go to trial. In hopes of attaining a Plea Bargain all these factors contribute to Clients accepting Plea Bargains regardless of guilt. Sentencing guidelines are misrepresented and judges commonly impose sentences outside of the Standard Range of Charges Plead to them. The judge refuses to allow defendant to withdraw their plea even if the sentence was a lot more than the Prosecutor and client agreed to.

Judges also do not allow defendants to appear Pro Se to enable the County to remain in complete control of Proceedings. These are just a few of the court abuses of discretion. We are having our rights injured and abused.

Recently a great deal of attention has been drawn to Thurston County and it still continues making its own Rules of justice. This Problem needs to be brought to the attention of the Federal Government.

The Feds need to take over here!

I am also including my 1 Doctor Visit Bill. I guess it’s not too bad for getting nothing done about my feet and medical problems.

Well I’ll call you or
Or talk to you soon,

Love Bill

P.S. I am in here because of being ignorant.
All this because of a liar.
Liar Liar go to hell too!

I should of learned the first time

A simple letter...

...raises questions, makes people wonder...

what exactly is going on!

And, what's the hardest part about all of this is that "The Wife" and I know what happened this time and in the past with his wife. Most of which she admitted to us herself.

Yet we can't get anyone to pay any attention to us.

...assigned defense attorney just wants him to "cop a plea"

...prosecution just wants him to "bargain"

...judge just wants him to "appear and submit!"

and all of this to occur before 5:00 p.m.

Sick justice!

Too much power, too few empowered, too little justice, no balance.

Go figure.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

we visited and inmate in the Thurston County jail...


But before I go into a little bit of that discussion I think I should offer some insight regarding my own personal history so you’ll understand I’m not simply an ill advised, overly compassionate, finger pointing government basher.

I’ve been a public servant for over 35 years. The last 31 of those years have been in the law enforcement profession.

I’ve processed well in excess of one thousand crime scenes and have investigated well in excess of one thousand criminal offense allegations. I’ve investigated alleged criminal acts including theft, robbery, assault, rape, homicide, burglary, arson, weapons violations, drug violations, kidnapping and more.

As a result of some of these investigations I’ve assisted and am continuing to assist in putting hundreds of criminals in jail or prison… where they belong.

Also, as a result of some of these investigations I’ve assisted and am continuing to assist in keeping hundreds of innocent citizens out of prison or jail… sending them back to their homes where they belong.

I've served on the stand as an expert witness many times. I'm known as being thorough, professional, honest and fair.

But, I'm certainly not perfect... never will be and wouldn't want to be!

My job is a simple job. I investigate… put the puzzles together… to determine (at the very least):

1- What happened?
2- Was the incident a result of a criminal act or omission?
3- If so, who is responsible for this act’s or omission’s occurrence?

I collect the facts, information and evidence available through scene processing, interviews, search warrants, etc. to make these determinations. Interviews involve discussions with witnesses, victims, other police officers and the person who is allegedly responsible... provided that person wishes to chat with me.

In short I insist that the facts, information and evidence leads me to a person responsible, if appropriate. I do not determine a person to be responsible for the act or omission then put the puzzle together around that person… there’s no room for that type of detective work… investigation… in law enforcement.

That’s the way I investigate, that’s the way I teach… mentor and that’s the way I expect those who work with me to put their assigned puzzles together as well.

I shudder at the thought of putting an innocent person in jail or prison for a crime they didn't commit. I have always shuddered at that thought.

Also, do not think for a minute that I am fond of bi-polar brother in law... I'm not. He's caused "the wife" and I worlds of grief over the years. He's not my favorite person at all... not even near... but I can't hate him.

...I certainly don't think he deserves this and I will continue to stand by him. There are mitigating factors involved.

So, with that in mind I’d like to share some of my bi-polar brother in law’s Saturday discussion with “the wife” and I.

As many of you know bi-polar brother in law is in the Thurston County Jail in Olympia, Washington. He's being held there on a combined $20,000.00 bail for two misdemeanor offenses... otherwise known as "low level" offenses that, in reality he never committed.

...but, no one will listen to him. No one will hear his story. No one in any position of authority that is.

His "Defense Attorney"... assigned to him from the county's OFFICE OF ASSIGNED COUNSEL. This assigned "Defense Attorney", Deborah Murphy evidently doesn't see any need to hear bi-polar brother in law out... doesn't see a need to listen to what he claims actually happened.

At least, she doesn't see the need yet... who knows, maybe she'll surprise us all.

Before we go on it's somewhat imperative that you understand our "system" out here in Washington State. The accused indigents... those without proper income or funds are assigned a "county appointed" attorney who are there to provide for the accused's defense. These attorneys are, for the most part very eager to settle the case. With exceptions, they're normally not the sharpest knife in the drawer. They either have little ambition or experience, make a relatively moderate salary (not the hourly fees of $100.00 or more like those of their private counterparts) and... quite frankly just don't appear to be all that inerested in doing their job... well.

It is my experience and subsequently my opinion that most public defenders are too lazy or too inept to adequately and effectively perform, let alone complete their jobs... defending the indigent.

Around here, money buys justice... simple as that! And quite often money buys the travesty of justice... It seems to be the attorney's way.

She tried to get him to "cop a plea" and accept an offered “bargain” to one of the two charges against him... malicious mischief, 4th degree… a misdemeanor offense that is “punishable by a fine of not more than one thousand dollars, or by imprisonment in a county jail for not more than ninety days, or by both such fine and imprisonment. Whenever the performance of any act is prohibited by any statute, and no penalty for the violation of such statute is imposed, the committing of such act shall be a misdemeanor.” The malicious mischief charge included alleged damage to a dresser drawer valued at less than $50.00.

I have every reason to believe Ms. Deborah Murphy… his county assigned defense attorney will encourage and suggest that bi-polar brother in law plead guilty to the second allegation… Assault in the fourth degree… a gross misdemeanor.

A gross misdemeanor is punishable “by imprisonment in the county jail for a maximum term fixed by the court of not more than one year, or by a fine in an amount fixed by the court of not more than five thousand dollars, or by both such imprisonment and fine.

My primary question is "why is my bi-polar brother in law being held on bail that is four to twenty times in excess of the amount imposed by statute for the level of each offense?"

Of course, this question continues to go unanswered.

The Thurston County Detective assigned to gather all of the facts, information and evidence relating to these alleged criminal acts hasn't seen a need to discuss the case with the alleged perpetrator, bi-polar brother in law. Rather, the detective has charged him based upon information provided by the alleged "victim"... bi-polar brother in law's wife and on statements obtained from her daughter and her son in law… both who were not present when the incident occurred.

Bi-polar brother in law's wife has failed to appear in court on April 07th. and 12th. regarding events associated with these allegations and, according to the detective on April 07, she has not returned any of his (the detective's) calls in his attempt to obtain more information.

As a career investigator myself, I'd be ensuring his wife would be talking to me if this were my investigation. If she refused to talk to me then I'd be searching for answers as to why she's refusing. One of my most productive tools I use in my investigations is obtaining multiple statements from all parties involved. I compare each of those statements with the previous ones to determine accuracy, reliability, etc... noting discrepancies and searching for the truth.

It's painfully obvious that this has not happened here. And in light of bi-polar brother in law's criminal history... theft, drugs... he'll probably end up doing a year or so of county jail time for two offenses he actually didn't commit. Until he married this particular wife he's never had any "violent" charges levied against him.

His parole officer has already told him she wouldn't be violating his parole... she believes he did not commit these offenses. Of course, she did talk to him... she did talk to "the wife", his sister. She did talk to his wife, Hilliary and made an educated, informed decision.

It's so painfully obvious that his wife set him up again... big time!

So much for an unbiased, informed, complete and professional investigation supported by all of the facts, information and evidence relevant and available. It's obvious that this type of an investigation... a thorough, complete, unbiased, honest investigation simply will not occur.

This type of an investigation is simply outside of the scope and capabilities of the Thurston County Sheriff's Department.

...especially if he already has a prior criminal history.

And his feet will continue to go unattended... gangrene, diabetes and all.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

one thing nice...

...about having to travel throughout the state is the scenery.

When I leave Olympia I usually take the major interstate freeway, I-5 to my "jump-off" point for all points east, west, north or south of home.

That means I leave bi-polar brother in law, his truck, his van (all shown in the picture... left) and his troubles behind for a bit. "The Wife" and I talk on our cell phones regularly while I'm gone so, in essence I'm not abandoning her with all of the challenges associated with him.

Besides, he's still in the county jail awaiting "trial" and he's being taken care of so we have a bit of a break from him and his "illnesses". He goes to trial on the 19th of this month but I'll be damned surprised if he's actually tried.

Anyway, as I travel over the Cascade Mountains towards eastern Washington the scenery changes dramatically.

The huge blocks of conifer forests consisting of Douglas Fir, Hemlock, Western Red Cedar, Spruce, Pine and mixed deciduous trees coupled with the canopied brushes give way to Larch, Ponderosa Pine, Ash, Aspen and Cottonwoods growing on grass and sage covered hillsides.

The United State's Pacific Northwest region... particularly Washington and Oregon are a bit unique in their contrasting "sides". Draw a line north/south down the crest of the Cascade Mountain range... anything to the left of this line is the west half... anything to the right of this line is the east half. Hence Western and Eastern Washington. The Cascade Mountains provide a "rain shadow" effect for the western half... causing the storms blowing onshore from the Pacific Ocean to dump much of their moisture onto the western forests before passing over to the more arid east side.

In short, the western half of Washington State is known as the wet side of the state. The weather is wetter but the temperatures are far more moderate.

Eastern Washington gets the hot, arid summers and the cold, bitter, dry and snowy winters much like Colorado, Idaho, Nevada and Montana. In essence, from one extreme to the other...

So, why am I telling you this? Well, because Eastern Washington has colder, drier winters and longer, hotter, drier summers.

The wildland fires that get started over there tend to get much larger, much faster and are very, very dangerous. Eastern Washington accounts for the bulk of the huge, destructive wildland fires in this state each year.

...and that's why I travel so much in this job.

Although these "bigger" fires occur primarily in the late spring through early fall there's still a lot of work that needs to be done on many of them well into and through the following winter.

Information needs to be gathered, confirmed. Evidence needs to be analyzed, new "leads" need to be corroborated or eliminated...

...follow-up work has to be completed.

It's my job to oversee this process... the entire investigation process from the investigator's initial call out through the investigation to it's eventual culmination. I ensure any follow up investigations that need to occur, in fact do occur. If they don't, for whatever reason... or if there's questions I have relating to the investigation I hit the road and poke around as well.'s a pretty simple job...

...that takes me down some pretty interesting back country roads.

Yeah... I love this job, this state. The puzzles of the job are challenging, provoking, enlightening and the scenery is fantastic.

When the moment begins too dull... the puzzle nears it's end... the scenery starts to bore all I have to do is wait a bit... it'll change... it always has.

I really have no idea why I posted this piece aside from the fact that I woke up too early this morning and simply felt the urge.

There I go, bragging up the state again!

Damn... gotta quit drinking coffee so late at night.

...oh yeah, and wear clothes when you fry bacon... damaging effects if you don't!


Thursday, April 06, 2006

it's been awhile...

...since I've posted. I've been busy. I've been working. I've been gone... away. Picking up pieces... solving puzzles from last summer.

This week's Monday morning I was in Olympia, in a meeting discussing several wildland fires that had occurred throughout the state last year. I asked why several of them have not yet been resolved.

A simple question. Simple questions usually get simple answers.

There were no simple answers... in fact there were no answers at all.

Monday afternoon I packed my bags and drove for 6 hours to a remote area in the North Central Cascade Mountains... on the eastern slope, the more arid side of the state. The area where Ponderosa Pine forests and small prickly pear cactus coexist with rattlesnakes, scorpions, mule deer and big horn sheep.

I left the wet, green, moderate Puget Sound area and traveled east.

As I drove past the Nisqually River tide flats I wondered. I wondered why certain people didn't follow through with their work and complete their tasks at hand... those tasks they were paid to complete... paid very well to complete over four months prior.

I'm known as being a fair, calm, understanding and professional individual. I'll work with anyone to get the job done... and preferably done right the first time. But I'm short on patience with people who "milk" systems, who have the ability, knowledge and tools to do things right yet don't have the desire or don't see the need to complete... positively complete their tasks at hand.

That definitely irks my ass.

To top that off, my messages left on cell phones and voice mails went unanswered. They're basically out of sight, out of mind... far removed from the flag pole. That's the mindset... the mentality I'm dealing with here.

They wouldn't expect me to "show up" in their work area without prior notice... which is exactly why I showed up in their work area without prior notice.

The three wildland fires I went over to review cost the taxpayers of the state of Washington in excess of $6,000,000.00 (USD) to suppress.

Two of the three fire's causes were negligent and the people or entities responsible for causing these particular fires need to be held accountable for their acts or omissions.

The third... very suspicious.

Thousands of acres were burned, standing forests... decimated. Delicate ecosystems reduced to ash...

Home's, cabins, barns, outbuildings... gone. Pets, wildlife, habitat... gone.

Careless, mindless, negligent... criminal.

I don't like doing things this way but sometimes things have to be done this way. Sometimes people need to be reminded... up close and personal that they have tasks to complete in a timely manner... properly and professionally.

So, I'm back...