Thursday, April 13, 2006

what's the thought...

...behind some of the queries???

I was checking "Recent Keyword Activity" and received the following information from StatCounter today.

I'm wondering what really is behind some of these searches... particularly the one on 8 Apr 14:54:25. I had to see what else came up in their search. LOL!!! I never knew they made those things!!!

Anyway, it's pretty rugged.

So, here's the list. Much of it is self explanatory..., I'm going off to do that search again.


-10 Apr 15:07:39 cysts on knuckles
-10 Apr 15:06:58 cysts on knuckles
-10 Apr 14:07:27 liquidlogic manta ray alabama
-9 Apr 00:28:37 fishing kayaks liquidlogic manta ray
-8 Apr 17:37:47 why do my knuckles hurt
-8 Apr 14:54:25 bi-polar butt plug
-8 Apr 09:42:14
-7 Apr 20:49:07 driving colville to spokane
-7 Apr 19:39:05 type of car i am 2006/01/what-type-of-car-am-i.html
-7 Apr 09:41:16 how to mix vinegar & honey 2005/04/honey-vinegar-water-and-green-tea.html
-5 Apr 07:48:30 proof that elvis is alive 2005/10/hes-alive.html
-4 Apr 21:03:42 honey and vinegar for weight loss 2005/04/honey-vinegar-water-and-green-tea.html
-4 Apr 11:16:06 vinegar&honey 2005/04/honey-vinegar-water-and-green-tea.html
-3 Apr 19:10:33 drinking apple cider vinegar for hair loss 2005/04/honey-vinegar-water-and-green-tea.html
-3 Apr 18:40:14 raw oyster preparation 2006/01/eating-raw-oysters.html
-3 Apr 11:53:04 what type of car am i? 2006/01/what-type-of-car-am-i.html
-3 Apr 11:45:46 what type of car am i? 2006/01/what-type-of-car-am-i.html
-3 Apr 09:43:07 hobo spider pics 2005/09/is-it-hobo-spider-or-isnt-it.html
-31 Mar 12:40:12 vinegar and honey 2005/04/honey-vinegar-water-and-green-tea.html
-31 Mar 09:08:38 type of soul 2006/02/what-type-of-soul-am-i.html

I encourage you to take some of these "searches" yourself just to see what comes up. Darned interesting... some of this stuff.


Cathy said...

I'll be doing the vinegar, water and green tea search. Think I'll be staying away from the bi-polar butt plug one though. Not interested in a butt plug, damned sure not interested in one that is bi-polar.

I did a post several months ago about my son giggling over a puppy we saw that had a *chubbie*. Not long ago someone did a search for, "mom gives me a hard on." I was mortified to see my innocent post about the puppy showed up on that search. Not nearly as bad though as the bi-polar butt plug!

Nuclear Mom said...

Those are pretty good! Like Cathy
I am really intrigued by the vinegar, water and green tea...

When I need a break - and some giggles - I check mine out. Some are downright scary and I am nearly mortified that someone came to my blog seeking those results!

Anonymous said...

SOrry DH - I have been a bit out of touch for various reasons......

Glad you have heard and seen BIL - how are things with his leg(s)?

Take care


D. H. said...

Hi Cathy! The vinegar, water and honey thing works pretty darned good. Keeps that energy up and nips the appetite. The switch to green tea seems to have helped my overall disposition. I was a coffee fiend prior to that. And the bi-polar butt plug... well, let's just say I never knew they made such things... lol.

But the search on yours... a bit troubling for someone to be attracted to mom that way... lol.

Nuclear!- Yah, try that vinegar, water and honey thing. Just don't overdo it... I did once and got to the point where I couldn't stand the smell of vinegar. I got over it though.

I know re: the search info being downright scary sometimes. Like you, I check them out from time to time to see what people are looking for and what brings them here... That can get scary.

Hi Sue!- I heard you had a "scare"! You be careful! Do what those folks say in the doctor's office.

BIL's legs are getting a bit better re: circulation (he can't smoke in there and he takes an aspirin a day) but the gangrene in his feet is still there. He's most likely going to lose them.

Nothing really anyone can do re: the feet.

Ed said...

Personally I would prefer my blog not to be listed on search engines so I put some code at the top of the page to prevent indexing by robots. Seems to have worked so far.

D. H. said...

Ed- Yah. I haven't reached that point yet. I really don't care who visits this blog at this time so I leave it open to searches. Besides, I get some cheap entertainment reading the keyword searches when I get bored.