Thursday, April 20, 2006

the old man...

...drove to Montana the other day.

Yup, hopped in the car and drove to Montana. 83 years old and he's scooting across three states to Great Falls, Montana.

Going there to visit one brother (the eldest... and he's old!) and bring back another (one of the twins) who's old too!

You see, I'm the youngest. At 53 years old I'm the youngest!


They said it then... I can say it now...

A whole different meaning between then and now... youngest.

Anyways, Dad got back tonight with "Montana twin brother". They made the 16 hour trip in a bit under 14 hours.

Moses Lake is still suffering from the crosswinds, I'm sure.

The bottom line... it was good to have them here... home! "J" and I cooked up some food (I got to bbq)... shrimp, pork steak (I had salmon), acorn squash and condiments... all grilled... all gone.

So, we can rest easy tonight.

For once.

For awhile.



Sunshine said...

I return after a week or so of being out of the loop and find that I missed all the action!!!!!

Glad your Dad had a good trip - and more importantly, returned safely.

Its very quiet there... I have lost my voice..hee hee - it's quite funny really....

D. H. said...

Hi Sue!!! How are you doing. You gave us all a scare there. Are you feeling better? Did they find anything out?

Well, you haven't missed everything... it's still going on but it's a bit more polite, professional and hopefully a bit more productive for bpbil.

We'll see.

Yah, Dad had a great trip. He got caught in a couple of snowstorms in Idaho, (north of DG) and western Montana on the way over but other than that he had fun. He brought one of my brothers back with so he let him drive for most of the way back. So, yeah... they're back home, safe and sound.

Re: your voice... I'll bet it's funny... is it one of those "squeaking" losses where you squeak when you try to talk? I hate it when I try to talk and no voice comes out... others love it.

Take care!

Sunshine said...


Yes, my voice - it starts off as one of those squeaks you mentioned - then tails off to nothing - THEY are finding it all a bit hysterical actually - they being the teens!!!!!

No they never did find anything conclusive - erattic thyroid and iron levels probably.. Still getting a bit of pain though... I am due for more test I think!!

Thank you for your concern. It was/is much appreciatd!

D. H. said...

Hi again Sue- lol... I get those when I get into heavy pollen areas. Never did in the past but nowadays it's a given... and all of the folks around me enjoy the hell out of it. And they're not teens.

Either way... over the past three weeks I've learned these doctors seem to know what the heck they're talking about...

listen to them.

Sunshine said...

Ah ha - do I detect a small little change of view from the person who was out of that doctor's surgery at the first mention of a hospital stay? LOL

Sorry - sausage fingers are making it hard for me type properly..

I had a little glimpse into a bit of your family world - how lovely that you can have such clear pictures in utero from so early on - unhead of in our day - and knowing what sex it is too..another granddaughter eh? how exciting - though I don;t think I would have wanted to know...

D. H. said...

Sue- I missed this post. Dayum. Yah... a bit of change re: doctors and their "stuff"... a bit.

So, you visited "the son's" and "the daughter in law's" site. Nice... she's one of those computer type folks but is VERY WELL grounded. So, she's had a lot of fun on their blog.

...and, yah... they're pregnant and bought a house.

Oh, those happy go lucky days... they're kinda there but then reality creeps in... lol.