Tuesday, April 11, 2006

a letter from an inmate...

...at the Thurston County Jail.

We got a letter yesterday from bi-polar brother in law. The return address was clear. It was scribbled in pencil but it was clear...

Bill (Last name I won't post)-D-11
2000 Lakeridge Dr.
Olympia, WA. 98502

On the right upper corner of the envelope... a metered stamp... and a note scribbled in pencil.


and then in the center, front of the envelope

...our address.

On the back of the envelope there was a "Smiley Face" with the words Have A Nice Day scribbled in pencil above it...

...and this stamped in bold!


Inside of the envelope was the letter... I think the first letter I've ever received from bi-polar brother in law.

...the letter which stated the following...

"Dear “J” & “D”,

I thought I’d write you a letter to let you know what’s really going on in Thurston County! The legal system. Because of extremely high case loads the Attorneys, Prosecutors and judges are not following criminal rules and procedures according to Washington State and U. S. constitutional laws.

Right now over 300 cases are scheduled for trial before May, 2006. Since there is no possible way to try these cases within their scheduled time, out of desperation Prosecutors, attorneys and judges are denying defendants their constitutional rights to a fair and speedy trial. Attorneys with the cooperation of judges are continuing these cases for any and all reasons, without the defendants consent or knowledge.

As a result, defendants without having a chance to prove their innocence in a timely manner are losing their jobs, homes and have lost the ability to care for their families. Even though the purpose of the law is to punish criminals, while at the same time allowing citizens to prove their innocence this is not the case in Thurston County.

One of the main reasons for the amount of cases is the fact that anything can be constituted as probable cause. Without proper investigation or information, defendants who have been arrested are held with extremely high bail. Many of them who cannot afford bail are forced to remain in custody because of their financial status. We are prejudiced by a judicial system which discriminates on the basis of social and economic classification.

Another reason for the overcrowding in jails and courtrooms is the Prosecutors are compounding charges exceeding the Crimes allegedly committed. Multiple charges are stacked for the same criminal conduct and are used for ammunition by the Prosecutors for Plea Bargaining.

Although 90% of the defendants have court appointed attorneys which are handling 3 times the Washington State Bar associations recommended guidelines for cases many of the private attorneys who have been practicing for years in Thurston County are going along with these practices and cooperating with the Prosecutors by intimidating their clients into not going to trial, but instead persuading the clients to take a Plea Bargain. Attorneys are allowed to retain large sums of $ for little or no work at all.

The practice of stacking multiple charges and repeatedly continuing cases are forcing the accused to make uninformed decisions out of desperation to agree to Plea agreements instead of going to trial. It is also a common practice for both parties to conference with judges regarding decisions before relaying all of the facts to the defendant. Although it is quite apparent, several honest Attorneys and officers of the court have confirmed this information.

Another unscrupulous method used to prevent cases from going to trial is the withholding of discovery. This leaves the client in the dark about facts concerning their cases. Most public and private defenders in these cases refuse to keep in contact with their clients and rarely prepare cases to go to trial. In hopes of attaining a Plea Bargain all these factors contribute to Clients accepting Plea Bargains regardless of guilt. Sentencing guidelines are misrepresented and judges commonly impose sentences outside of the Standard Range of Charges Plead to them. The judge refuses to allow defendant to withdraw their plea even if the sentence was a lot more than the Prosecutor and client agreed to.

Judges also do not allow defendants to appear Pro Se to enable the County to remain in complete control of Proceedings. These are just a few of the court abuses of discretion. We are having our rights injured and abused.

Recently a great deal of attention has been drawn to Thurston County and it still continues making its own Rules of justice. This Problem needs to be brought to the attention of the Federal Government.

The Feds need to take over here!

I am also including my 1 Doctor Visit Bill. I guess it’s not too bad for getting nothing done about my feet and medical problems.

Well I’ll call you or
Or talk to you soon,

Love Bill

P.S. I am in here because of being ignorant.
All this because of a liar.
Liar Liar go to hell too!

I should of learned the first time

A simple letter...

...raises questions, makes people wonder...

what exactly is going on!

And, what's the hardest part about all of this is that "The Wife" and I know what happened this time and in the past with his wife. Most of which she admitted to us herself.

Yet we can't get anyone to pay any attention to us.

...assigned defense attorney just wants him to "cop a plea"

...prosecution just wants him to "bargain"

...judge just wants him to "appear and submit!"

and all of this to occur before 5:00 p.m.

Sick justice!

Too much power, too few empowered, too little justice, no balance.

Go figure.


Ed said...

He's very lucky to have you on his side.

And for what it's worth, I'm not sure that the legal system in the UK is any better.

DG said...

the one time I was up for jury duty there were about 35 cases. none went to trial and all plea bargained. now I know why!

Miranda said...

Im not sure exactly what he's in for. But i know here in Canada, they all get out sooner than most of them should.

It is sad that there is such a pile up of cases.

D. H. said...

Ed- thanks but I'm not so sure that's lucky for him. We don't have any money to get him an attorney worthwhile (ours was used up trying to get custody of his son)... but he will have a place to light when he gets out.

DG- Yah. Having been a cop-investigator for so long I was pretty aware of some of this stuff but it was always in another county... not the one I was in.

Miranda- Thanks for stopping by. I agree... for the most part they all do get out before they should. It's just this time he actually didn't do what he's being charged with. In the old days, he got off way to easy. Maybe it's all catching up with him.