Monday, April 10, 2006

okay... I bit!

from Cathy's blog.


Cathy said...

They say the "shadow self" can be a real bugger. Not sure I want to wish you well on your search!

I laughed out loud when I saw Apocalypse Now. From what I've read, it seems quite appropriate.

D. H. said...

What are you doing up this late Cathy?

LOL... I'm glad I provided entertainment for you. The ironic thing is that Apocalypse Now is one of my favorite movies.

Just keep your head down when those tornadoes pass through! dammit.

Up here we don't sleep in closets or hallways... unless I'm hiding from "the wife".

Miranda said...

Hey Im Schindlers list. lol Im posting this on my blog.

D. H. said...

Miranda- Holy crap... lol... Shindler's list?? Wow.

Must have been one of those Florida ballots with a hanging chit that threw it off.