Tuesday, April 18, 2006

musta hit a nerve...

...judging from the increased frequency of visits, etc. to the blog by attorneys and the likes.

The following is an excerpt from a blog authored by an attorney who claims on his blog to be a colleague of bi-polar brother in law's "Public Defender".

"April 17, 2006
Blog slag - advice wanted

My defense-inclined sistren and brethren:

You know I spend an unseemly amount of time browsing the various search engines for the latest tidings of public defender joy from the internets.

Usually I share the day's most angst-inducing examples with you. Usually I'm more than ready to link you to an ignorant post that pisses me off, say, one that contains the phrase "Tomorrow he goes to trial for his 3rd offense DUI and plans to have his public defender ( not a lawyer, just a public defender)..." or "So i am freaking out a lil bit.. becuase i did not have the money for a real lawyer i got a public defender..(free lawyer) which i dont really trust them..."Charmed I'm sure.

Tonight, though, I found a post slagging a criminal defense colleague and naming names, written by an extremely disgruntled family member of an incarcerated accused. I'm not linking, but here's the flavor:

His "Defense Attorney"... just wants him to "cop a plea..."

These attorneys are, for the most part very eager to settle the case. With exceptions, they're normally not the sharpest knife in the drawer...

Lather, rinse, repeat.

So I'm asking for your comments here. Do I share this link with my colleague (I like this colleague)? Would you want to know? Would you just as soon not know?

Update: Thanks to everyone for the good comments and advice. Today I did give the link to my colleague, who took the news much better than I would. Was amused in fact. Shared the printed-out post with other colleagues in fact. We crim-def types are a thick-skinned lot.
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Now, being as he shared a link to this blog for all of his defense-inclined sistren and brethren to link back here I think I've garnered some attention for bi-polar brother in law by (at least) someone over there at the Public Defender's office... but then again... maybe not.

Bi-polar brother in law told me she visited him this afternoon... wanted to know who his covert brother in law is... covert??? Where'd she get that from? He told her and she evidently went off on him because he also told her he wasn't pleading guilty to the fourth degree assault (see, I knew she'd try to get him to plead).

Update: I shared the blog information with bi-polar brother in law... (which, by the way is not a defense... bi-polar disorders. We never said it was, never said it should be... I just call him that because I really don't want to post his name all over the 'net so it's my way of identifying him to this blog's readers.)

Anyways, I shared the blog information with him and let him know it was visited... which most likely prompted her visit to him.

Now, if you want to read the other blogger's blog here's the link... You'll get the full gist of the conversation. Be sure to read the "comments" and note that I didn't post anonymously, covertly (lol... that's funny!).

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