Tuesday, April 18, 2006

innocuous comments...

...from those who look upon us as Blog slaggers.

Did you know that if you write a post that might slight a public defender you're known as a blog slagger in their language. Of course, we're viewed as lesser humans... I've already experienced these conversations between public defenders and deputy prosecutors. True... family and witnesses for the accused are viewed as lesser humans, liars... those who will do anything... say anything to keep their family, friend from copping a plea.

Read the comments posted by those who read Skelly's blog regarding bi-polar brother in law...

Hell, read the comment by Mr. or Ms. Anonymous to this blog...

...I'll post it:

"Anonymous said...
"money hungry lawyers" Are you serious? Do you know how much a public defender makes? I can assure you, PDs are about as far away from being money hungry as social workers and non-profit workers. They're in the trenches, doing the Lord's work. As are Prosecutors, doing the Lord's work, and not "money hungry" either.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 3:02:44 PM"

You know, there was a day when I actually believed that. Early in my career I actually believed that these people... these attorneys were hard working, truth seeking, compassionate human beings who were working for the good of the accused... seeking justice for them and their cause.

Yeah, there was that day until I was invited into their conversations... their drunken discussions about this idiot or that idiot... discussions about how the public defender would love to get into the wife's or girlfriend's pants... or how the deputy prosecutor would laugh... screaming laughter with the public defender... back slapping, drink spilling laughter... bragging about how they flushed another one.

"He might not have done this one but he's done enough of the other stuff to make up for it!" or...

"He deserves it... don't worry about it. You did a good job with what little you had."... and then they laugh together... drink together.

This makes my skin crawl... it made it crawl then and it makes it crawl now.

I know there's some damned fine attorneys out there. Damned fine attorneys who are damned fine human beings and definitely know how to do their job! I just haven't seen too many around here lately. Not on this Thurston County criminal and family court side anyways. At least not any of those I've seen within the past three years.

Nope. It's either money or plead... no compromise.

I would think that an attorney who is interested in determining whether an "accused" (note they really don't refer to any "accused" as a "client" in the Public Defenders realm) actually committed the offense he/she was accused of committing would be interested in obtaining information from those who would be close to the entire situation. Those who have observed behaviors on all sides.

I would think the Public Defender would be interested in discussing the particulars of the case with the accused... at least!

That does not include discussing the accused's case with the accusers... no one on the accused's behalf... absolutely no one... and then visiting the accused and demanding that he plead guilty or she'll "tell the judge that (the accused) has a bad attitude!"

That's uncalled for!

Where's the representation here?

And the childish accusations of lies... I've been accused of lying to this woman I've never met... never talked to...

Hell, I haven't tried to contact her. I gave up on her when she suggested bi-polar brother in law cop a plea (yeah skelly... "cop a plea") because I knew she wasn't going to listen. I knew she was only interested in clearing this file from her "in basket" or "to do" list.

...and you know what? Skelly and company proved me right. Their comments are about my posts, about me being "an extremely disgruntled family member of an incarcerated accused."

They don't question my intent... the possibility that there might be a valid claim here. They don't entertain the possibility that there's some merit to what is being said.

No, instead they circle the wagons, light the bonfire, gather around and chatter to one another about those big bad slaggers out there who want to burst bubbles... who want to expose their little c'est la vis world for what it is...

Nope... instead I get an anonymous post. I will say that the anonymous poster did provide me with the path back to skelly's blog though... and I do thank him/her for that because now I know I'm being read... for what it's worth.

Perhaps one of those damned fine attorneys out there who happens to read Skelly's blog might... just might take up an interest and get the urge to put the puzzle together, listen to some history... facts, rather than insist the accused "cop a plea" or be branded to the judge as having a "bad attitude".

No, I'm not covert... not covert at all. I have a name... he gave it to you. I have a phone number, I have email. My wife even called your office once... weeks ago. We're still waiting for your return call.


That's what this whole Thurston County "Public Defenders" thing is... pathetic.

If you want respect seek the facts, truths. If you want an apology do your job.


Skelly said...

Project your anger onto others much? I musta hit a nerve, as you say. You're able to read quite a lot into, and extract quite a lot out of, things that just aren't there. You're welcome to go back compare your posts with the post and comments on my blog if you disagree.

"Lesser humans"? What the hell? Where does that come from? And of course we call our clients "clients." The way I talk or write isn't representative of all criminal defense lawyers - they definitely wouldn't consider me representative of all of them!

By the way, I'm the only lawyer I know in 39 counties who uses the word "slag" as a verb, but again, you generalize from one anecdote to a whole profession. At the same time, I'd be the last one to defend the practices of the Thurston County courthouse; I'm new here myself, and your brother-in-law and you have some valid points about what's wrong with procedures there.

Sadly, that's the belly of the beast your brother-in-law finds himself in. How do you suggest extracating him, or helping him through this? By ragging on his lawyer, or all lawyers?

There may be a valid claim, facts, and truth on your brother-in-law's part, and I presume that you've done positive things to help your brother-in-law with his problems, both before and after he found himself in jail. Unfortunately, you're drowning out the good parts with your tone, your rhetoric, and your kangaroo court illustrations. I'm left with the impression that you're bringing quite a bit of bitterness to this discussion that wasn't put there by me, my colleague, or my commenters.

And to say of his lawyer, "Hell, I haven't tried to contact her." What else haven't you tried? A letter to her supervisor? To the judge? To the state bar? Or tried to hire your brother-in-law one of those private lawyers, maybe one outside the county? Or is it more helpful to write your posts?

I know the lawyer. I've talked to the lawyer about your brother-in-law's situation. Maybe, just maybe, your brother-in-law's story is being filtered through his own perceptions. Maybe you're conveying his story to us filtered through your own.

I don't want your apology, and I'm not asking for yours. I just want to suggest that possibly what your brother-in-law is saying might not be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

D. H. said...

"I just want to suggest that possibly what your brother-in-law is saying might not be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth."

But then, how would we know if no one has bothered to follow up on the incident?

At least with him and those who are a bit knowledgeable about prior accusations by his wife.

This isn't the first time she's tried this. I've had several discussions with her regarding her allegations in the past... discussion prompted by her to "come clean" so to speak.

D. H. said...

...and Skelly, I do apologize to you because I don't know you... from your post you're obviously a bit more objective than most... but then again, who am I to cite objectivity.

I don't like being this frustrated... don't like being this angry.

As mentioned in my email back to you we simply have no money left to hire an attorney for him. Simple as that.

Cathy said...

"They're in the trenches, doing the Lord's work. As are Prosecutors, doing the Lord's work, and not "money hungry" either."

I'm sorry but the above statement really bothers me. Doing the "Lord's work?" When someone becomes that self-important they are a danger to their profession and their clients. To whoever wrote that, you are not doing the Lord's work. You are doing the work of an attorney, nothing more, nothing less. Maybe excepting that fact will help you become less defensive about criticism to your profession.

Sorry D.H. I know it isn't my place but I felt a need to express an opinion...here and on skelly's blog.

D. H. said...

Cathy- That's what makes the blogs so interactive... comments from those who read them. Opinions are always welcome. Thanks!