Sunday, August 05, 2012

It's been awhile...

It's been awhile since I've posted to this blog other than copy/pastes.
I thought I'd just drop a line and toss around some thoughts I have regarding life in general.

I'm still out there plugging along in the "puzzle solving" industry but there's definitely a different tone in the immediate workplace. I'm not complaining, just saying...what good would it do to complain anyways. Besides, I look at complaints as a distraction when working. I'll post to the blog or chat about things "after the fact" if I feel compelled to do so but I'm not keen to criticizing and complaining while working.

So, with that in mind I still get out and about quite a bit these days. Not as much as used to but hey, I still have some interesting times out there.

(About the pic... East of Yakima, WA. A homestead that saw better days.)

I'm a bit concerned about the way things are going around here, in this county, in this state, in this country, this world as we see it. We have definitely seen better days and I'm not seeing any real end in sight when it comes to even getting close to seeing them again.

Maybe it's just me but I can't help myself. As I write this the U-6 unemployment rate is at a solid 15%... up from 14.9% last month. The U-6 doesn't take into account those persons who've simply given up looking for work, have fallen off of the unemployment rosters or otherwise can't afford to go out and look for a job.

We have a very sour, very hostile, volatile political climate out "there"... the ugliest I've seen in my lifetime and I don't see it getting any better before November. All I can say is I hope and pray the right choices are made by the majority of the "registered, legal" living, voting citizens of this mighty fine nation.

I didn't want to get political on the blog here but I did. See there, want in one hand and crap in the other... I know which one will fill up first.

RE: Life. We're still living the dream day by day out here in the grand Pacific Northwest. We moved into our new home a year ago (July). We lost our 15+yrs. old Chihuahua (Rookie) to blindness, congestive heart failure and arthritis in June of 2011. Our other buddy, Chief... the miniature Schnauzer somehow got the animal version of AIDS and went from healthy to dead in a scant four months in December, 2011.

After over four years of constant, incessant, increasingly difficult life altering, near intolerable pain I got my back operated on in December, 2011 (Thank you! Dr. Chong Lee!!!) I now feel like a whole new man. We're far more health conscious around here and though we have our "fall off" moments we're reasonably maintaining our weight, combining other activities that keep us active and trying to enjoy life like we used to.

I mean, we're only human.

Okay, I just thought I'd drop a line and let you know we're still out here... just being a bit pre-occupied with life so the posts are few (very few) and far between.

Hopefully I'll find more time in the future to post more upbeat stuff.

Stay safe and take care!