Thursday, April 06, 2006

it's been awhile...

...since I've posted. I've been busy. I've been working. I've been gone... away. Picking up pieces... solving puzzles from last summer.

This week's Monday morning I was in Olympia, in a meeting discussing several wildland fires that had occurred throughout the state last year. I asked why several of them have not yet been resolved.

A simple question. Simple questions usually get simple answers.

There were no simple answers... in fact there were no answers at all.

Monday afternoon I packed my bags and drove for 6 hours to a remote area in the North Central Cascade Mountains... on the eastern slope, the more arid side of the state. The area where Ponderosa Pine forests and small prickly pear cactus coexist with rattlesnakes, scorpions, mule deer and big horn sheep.

I left the wet, green, moderate Puget Sound area and traveled east.

As I drove past the Nisqually River tide flats I wondered. I wondered why certain people didn't follow through with their work and complete their tasks at hand... those tasks they were paid to complete... paid very well to complete over four months prior.

I'm known as being a fair, calm, understanding and professional individual. I'll work with anyone to get the job done... and preferably done right the first time. But I'm short on patience with people who "milk" systems, who have the ability, knowledge and tools to do things right yet don't have the desire or don't see the need to complete... positively complete their tasks at hand.

That definitely irks my ass.

To top that off, my messages left on cell phones and voice mails went unanswered. They're basically out of sight, out of mind... far removed from the flag pole. That's the mindset... the mentality I'm dealing with here.

They wouldn't expect me to "show up" in their work area without prior notice... which is exactly why I showed up in their work area without prior notice.

The three wildland fires I went over to review cost the taxpayers of the state of Washington in excess of $6,000,000.00 (USD) to suppress.

Two of the three fire's causes were negligent and the people or entities responsible for causing these particular fires need to be held accountable for their acts or omissions.

The third... very suspicious.

Thousands of acres were burned, standing forests... decimated. Delicate ecosystems reduced to ash...

Home's, cabins, barns, outbuildings... gone. Pets, wildlife, habitat... gone.

Careless, mindless, negligent... criminal.

I don't like doing things this way but sometimes things have to be done this way. Sometimes people need to be reminded... up close and personal that they have tasks to complete in a timely manner... properly and professionally.

So, I'm back...


Sunshine said...

Sometimes a man has to do what a man has to do!!!

So, if you have to do it, then you may as well get on and do it!!!!

Confused yet?

We are very lucky here. Some parts do suffer from fires - we usually do not have that dry a Summer- but not to the huge extent that you mention.

Glad you are back - good to hear from you

DG said...

You go get them. Ya, it's the pits when you have to remind adults of their responsibilities, isnt' it..

Cathy said...

Question for you, what happens when you remind them and they fail to respond?

Adults shouldn't have to be reminded but nothing is worse than being ignored when reminding is needed. Maybe I should try the up close and personal approach.

D. H. said...

Ah, everyone I was just venting. Probably shouldn't have even posted this piece. It was just posted out of frustration more than anything else. Like I said... it angers me when a person is paid very well to do a job and they don't do it.

Sue- LOL. Not confused... I actually understood... that's a good thing isn't it? Or is BIL wearing off on me.

DG- You got it! Burns me.

Cathy- If that happens they don't work for me anymore. You're right... they shouldn't have to be reminded. The surprise up close and personal approach gets me pretty immediate results and seems to have longer lasting affects for those who need it. I tend to be very candid and quite to the point so there's no confusion when I use this approach. Besides, my boss (a state elected official) told me he hired me to get results, not to make friends. When all of us in this program (94 of us) work together we get results and can still be a happy, hard working unit. If someone stumbles we all help him/her back up... if someone gets lazy and/or sacrifices their integrity or credibility they leave the program. There's actually no tolerance or time for laziness or compromise of integrity or credibility.

One of my peeves...

Other than that, I'm a nice guy.