Monday, March 26, 2007

Moving forward from here...

It's difficult to move forward at times. Things don't seem to feel right, don't seem to fit.

Senses are numbed, spirits dampened, energies wasted... gone.

The tragic passing of a friend will do that to you, to anyone.

The Wyrsch family will be in my thoughts and prayers but please understand I have to move forward, take a step from this place in my life and tend to some pressing needs myself.

I'll always remember Shane as a friend, as a fellow cop and as a great human being.

Farewell Shane, you will be missed!


As mentioned, several months ago our lives were turned upside down in this household.

We took on long term responsibilities and traded a lot of certain opportunities, matters of facts for others that may or may not lead us to where we planned on going.

Either way, we're committed.

We're going to do what needs to be done to give Andrew, our nephew a proper place to live and grow up.

Given the circumstances our plans have changed considerably. We no longer own our home, we're downsizing our income and budget, we're cutting back on recreational opportunities for the immediate future and are focusing more on those opportunities that a young, very active boy can enjoy and benefit from.

He loves his little cousin and she adores him.

He loves the family environment.

He's adjusting... fitting himself into his new life with us.

Oh trust me, J and I are adjusting too. We have to.

It's not a new thing for us, the raising of a 6 yrs. old boy.

Nothing new, it's just that it was not all that practiced in the recent past until December, 2006.

So, we're moving forward from here.

A different house, a different life...

...different opportunities.


Sunshine said...

Thinking of you -

and though it may not seem this way to you, to me it is a wonderful thing you are doing for Andrew.

I hope he will be as much of a blessing to you as you are to him..

I love that photo of Reece and Andrew.

Dennis said...

Hi Sue,

Thanks. Andrew's adjusting wonderfully now. He's doing good in school, playing well with his friends and cousins and just being a young boy.

Here's hoping all's well with all of you!

Say "hi" to Ed.

Sunshine said...

Yes thanks - all well here!!!