Sunday, September 02, 2007

It's SPIDER time!

It's that time of the year. The Hobo spiders and all of the others are crawling about getting ready for the coming fall and winter weather. I've killed a couple good sized ones already.

Trust me they're aggressive, agitated and they do bite. I don't subscribe to the discussions by some that Hobo spiders are relatively harmless. Nope! I've been bit a couple of years ago, Dad's been bit this year and the bites aren't fun. They are NOT harmless. I have a scar on my leg that's the size of a silver dollar from where I was nipped by one.

Here's a bit of info on them.

Oh, Ed and Sue... although you're not directly responsible I'd like to thank your country for sharing them with us. The Hobo isn't native to the United States but has certainly taken hold in the Pacific Northwest after having been introduced here from the UK (and other European) trade vessels in the 1920's... or so the story's told.

After the spider's introduction it seems to have adapted quite well, given the perfect habitat for it that the Pacific Northwest offers. Even Oregon has it's moments with the Hobo.

We also have the Black Widow spider that occasionally sneaks in an appearance or two. Moreso on the more arid east side of the Cascade Mountains... you know, where the rattlesnakes, scorpions, cactus and other things that bite and prick you reside.

But, just when we thought we had a bad spider situation we get this story fresh out of Texas! It makes you want to move further north... to Alaska or the north part of the Yukon.

Ah... leave it to Texas!


Sunshine said...

Well, let me just say, that there creature is not native tour shores either - I would emigrate if we had those to deal with - I have gone cold at the thought...

They must have come ashore on the trading routes. On behalf of my compatriots, I apologise... ha ha..

I am an arachnaphobe of the highest order. Son sent us some pictures of Huntsman spiders he came across in Australia - no black widows - though he would not have got that close to photograph even if he had.

oh no - let us change the subject.

Hope your dad continues to improve..

Dennis said...

Huntsman's spiders??? Hmmm, is that next? LOL.

Actually, when our son was over in Afghanistan and Pakistan he told us about the "Camel Spider" he'd seen there. Another nasty looking critter and as big as a dinner plate!

So, I guess we can put up with a Hobo from time to time... as long as I'm wearing my shoes and the Hobo's in the middle of the floor. I usually win that battle.

Take care Sue!

Sunshine said...

Thanks for your comments round my place.... Yes, two simultaneously smiling teens is quite a rarity hey?

Hope your Dad is progressing nicely!

Nuclear Mom said...

We have killed a few as well. I am still convinced they are Hobo's, but my husband keeps telling me there are 300 species that just look like Hobos... I don't care! They are all Hobos as far as I am concerned, and therefore all nasty!

Dennis said...

Hi NM!!!

Yah, I agree. If it looks like a hobo it gets the heel of a shoe... or something.

There's that "giant house spider" one that looks like a hobo on steroids... that one comes from England and preys on hobo spiders. They look almost identical except much larger. Oh yeah, you can flip them over and the hobo has a particular design on it's belly that the "giant house spider" doesn't have.

I'm not going to flip one over to be sure. It's heel time for the critter.