Sunday, March 14, 2010

just thinking and looking...

(About the pic: This picture was taken by our son's mother in law of our son, me and Dad down along the South Sound in the Beach Crest area probably in 2006 or 2007. We don't have the original photo. This is a picture of that picture. Too bad. I'd love to have had the original.)

I was just thinking and looking and wondering about things the other day. Out and about running around trying to catch up on some work related stuff and stumbled across those everyday sights that I've been taking for granted lately.

Nothing spectacular, just sights of things that have been "overlooked" over the past couple of years. It's too bad... they're important to me and I just let them slip by... kind of like this blog site...

(About this pic: Mt. Rainier. March 05, 2010. Taken from a hilltop in the Elbe/Mineral, Washington state area. One of the states several active volcanoes.)

Simple things with simple meanings.

These are places we go to reconnect, to keep in touch, to share... why have I not kept up? Why is it that I can't seem to get recharged and get that good ol' spirit regenerated and going again?

I don't know but it's an odd feeling... this having not been here in so long. There've been times over the past year where I've contemplated deleting everything and forgetting about it... moving on. Knowing it's here seems to cause some personal angst... especially since I haven't "kept up", haven't posted anything worthwhile in "oh so long". Yet, it still tells a story... even the inactivity.

I've revisited this site from time to time over the past several months with the sole intention of either posting to it or deleting it altogether... one or the other... but not letting it hang out here... alone... gathering dust... tangled in the web.

That's just not right. There's too many memories here.

(About the pic: A pic of an old homestead taken in the Pingston Creek area, Washington State. January 21, 2010)

It's not fair to log those activities, memories, experiences we've all shared throughout our lives only to abandon them to the mindless, heartless vacuum of the web.

I should have kept up but I didn't! I mean, a post that consists of a copy and paste of an anonymous email... where's that coming from?! That was a rather useless post, eh?

That isn't "keeping up". That isn't worthy of the label "blog activity". That type of post prompts action, serious consideration as to what to do next.

...with this blog...

If I stay on that course this blog will become nothing more than a dump site for witty but anonymous emails and cartoons...

...which has nothing to do with my original intentions for being here.

So, I've got some thinking to do.

Just thought I'd share my thoughts... Have fun all!

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