Friday, March 14, 2014

The passing of William E. Komula, Jr. 59 Yrs. old.

William (Billy) E. Komula, Jr., 59 died in a tragic auto accident on Monday night, March 10, 2014. He was a passenger in a 1994 Jeep Cherokee driven by Ryan Christopher Cughan, 36 yrs. old Lacey, Washington. Bill is survived by two sons (William and Andrew), a daughter in law (Georgina), one granddaughter (Lilly), two brothers (Mike and Steve), two sisters (Karol and Jackie), numerous nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts, uncles, several inlaws, outlaws and friends. There will be a memorial service in Arizona sometime this summer. Local services will be held in the Olympia area amongst family and Bill will be cremated and eventually transported to Globe Arizona in the early summer (2014) to his final resting place.

Ryan Christopher Cughan, the driver of the vehicle that Bill was a passenger in was arrested by Thurston County Sheriff's Deputies on March 11, 2014. Shortly after the Sheriff's Department was notified of Billy's death Cughan was charged with Vehicular Homicide, a felony. He's currently being held at the Thurston County Jail in Olympia, Washington.

If you knew Bill you know he lived life fast, hard and on the edge... Sometimes crossing over, most of the time hell bent for election. He had his fun, had his moments but he always wore his heart on his sleeve. You never had to guess what Bill thought... he'd tell you outright. Bill was well intended just not always so clear about his intentions.

On Monday night, March 10 up here on a little neighborhood community road in Washington State, Wild Bill Komula finally met his match. He's had a helluva crazy life and was struggling in the end but now it's over for him. For those of you who knew him you have your memories of him... good, bad, indifferent. If you knew Bill you know he was... well... memorable in a lot of ways. I'll leave that up to you to define your version of "memorable".

Life catches up with all of us eventually.

All I can say is this chapter's over. Bill, you fought your demons now rest in peace!

That's the best eulogy I can muster...

Here's the news of the wreck.

Your Brother in Law

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