Saturday, April 30, 2005

Places to go...

Not much to write about with such little time to write. I've been away from the blog for awhile getting things ready at work. Hopefully, when the dust settles I can get back to posting on a somewhat regular basis again. I rather enjoy just letting thoughts spill onto the blog whether anyone reads them or not.

As shown in the picture below, my office is the forested lands of the State of Washington. Another blogger friend of mine, Harley seems to be a bit envious of the job I have judging from his comment made on the picture. Heck, I'd be too if I wasn't. I love my job... well most of it anyway. I don't necessarily like the "management" or "supervisory" part of it but I do love the "on ground", "in the field" stuff. I've been solving puzzles for over 30 years but this is by far the best puzzle solving job I've had in my career. I'm not rubbing it in Harley, just agreeing with you.

The only downside to it is that I have to travel a lot. The travel takes me away from J, the "kids" and the "grandkids" but it's primarily seasonal and rarely lasts longer than two to three weeks at a time. Those more complicated puzzles may take more time.


I'll be gone next week, I have places to go... sent there by my work. I'll be gone until the evening of May 06 wandering around the state getting things done.

Loomis, tucked away in the folds of the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains. Short of the Canadian border, west of the Columbia River. It's a quiet, peaceful place that'll be my first stop. I'll be leaving tomorrow morning at 0400 hrs. so I can arrive by 1000 hrs. Three days, two nights... working, mentoring, preparing...

Preparing for a summer of fire... preparing others to solve the puzzles of this summer's inevitable fire causes. Either way, Loomis is looming in the horizon... less than 20 hours away.

After Loomis the next stop will be Deer Park, south of Colville and north of Spokane. I'll leave Loomis Wednesday afternoon or early evening and will be doing a repeat of the recertification training for those folks attending. I'm going to be hanging around Deer Park until Friday, May 06... working, mentoring, preparing... then I'm heading back home for a break.

The whole vicious circle starts again on May 10 in a different part of the state... and so on through May and into June until I've successfully recertified 93 folks.

I'll catch up with all from time to time as I wander around.

Until I do be safe, have fun and live life!

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Harleydreamer said...

I will admit to being quite envious of the beautiful scenery you have as an "office". And I wouldn't think you were rubbing it in, just proud of where you've worked hard to get. I can only hope my path leads to such happiness. Then again, isn't that what we all basically strive for - that one place in life we can stand at and say, "I've made it!"