Sunday, June 12, 2005

A couple of updates...

Let me see, over the past several months I've shared some things with you and some of you have wondered how everything's shaping up...

RE: Smoking:

Over two months of not smoking. Not bad, eh! No urges to, no nifty little gimmicks or mind distractions to keep me from lighting up, no real desire to smoke anymore... simple as that. It's also saving me over $5,475.00 per year. If that's not an incentive what is???

RE: Our battle with that worthless attorney who wants our money for failing to represent us:

Well, we're going to court in two weeks. We'll most likely lose but it's the principal of the thing! She agreed to represent us in a non-paternal third party custody suit, accepted from us and spent big money (up front... retainer... LOL) for
representation that never occurred and is demanding an additional $10,000.00... citing the "contract" we entered into as her lever. She never went forward with the third party custody action, entered into a parenting plan with the child's natural mother allegedly on our behalf yet knowingly against our wishes and direction... heck, she breached our trust in a number of ways.

Either way she's demanding an additional 10 grand for work she never started, let alone followed through with. We've had to hire two other attorneys to undo the damage she's done.

But, you know what? We'll lose. We'll lose because she's suing us in court in front of a judge (another attorney with a robe), using another attorney to sue us. We could always hire an attorney to represent us in this trial of attorneys but realistically, that doesn't make sense at all. Soooo all we're going to end up doing is go to court, tell our story to the judge (attorney), let her attorney rebut what we tell, answer questions to the judge (attorney) regarding what her attorney rebutted then be told by the judge (attorney) to pay the attorney representing the useless, inept attorney we entered into a contract in the first place. All the while paying two other attorneys, one in Georgia and one in Washington state, to undo the crap the first inept attorney did and get our nephew away from the horrors he's currently facing in the foster home he's living in back in Georgia after his natural mother chose to neglect him... again.

So you see how it works... when you deal with the "brotherhood" of attorneys prepare to empty your bank accounts and sell your home because you're going to need all of the money you can muster to get a half assed job and no results.

RE: Vinegar, honey and water:

24 pounds and stable... what can I say, it works!

RE: The old man:

He's doing much better, thank you!

RE: The neighbor, Rod:

The neighborhood's still safe, he's still infatuated with J's breasts and he's still my favorite neighbor.

RE: The training:

I've almost finished training all of them. Sixteen more to go and I'll have completed the training for this year.

RE: Those other, "darker side", out there in blog land blogs:

I'm still blogging them, still finding more stuff and still am fascinated by the wealth of information and talent out there! Good or bad... agree or not.

That's it for now, Take care.


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