Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Selling our home...

Well, it's happening. We've simply realized our house is too big for the two of us and requires way too much attention lately. We want to enjoy our time off (weekends, etc.) without having to tend to the yard, gardens, etc. so we're going to downsize. We're selling our house and going to relocate... hoping to sell to a family so they can take advantage of the home and neighborhood.

If you're interested in looking at the home check it out at our home blog in olympia. I'm going to be putting a link to it in the sidebar soon.

I haven't been around the computer that much so haven't really had time to post to the blog. I'll be getting back into that "habit" in a bit.

Alright, gotta get... work is coming up. Take care and I'll post later.

UPDATE... January 26, 2006

We had the house on the market for awhile, had several nibbles but we just couldn't bring ourselves to sell it. Our concerns included "Where would we go?" and "How are we going to afford buying another home with the price of home sales increasing as much as it is?"

So, we took it off the market last month and will be staying for awhile.

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