Sunday, October 09, 2005

28 years ago...

Twenty eight years ago. 1977. October. J and I stood in front of a Justice of the Peace... a District Court Judge in a rather remote county in the State of Washington and vowed to live our lives as one... husband and wife. To love and raise our children. To love our grandchildren. We agreed. We vowed. We promised ourselves, individually that we were going to love and live our lives as one. As a team in life. Lovers, husband, wife, confidants. Best friends.

We're looking forward to the remaineder of our life together! If it's even a fraction of the life we've had together thus far!

I love you J. Happy anniversary.



Glena said...

That's lovely, many many happy returns.


D. H. said...

Thank you Glena, it's been a fun 28 years.