Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Search Engines...

It's amazing what "stat counter" will bring me re: search engines and this blog. Take a look at the most recent searches...

Num Perc. Search Term

4 11.11% hobo spider
3 8.33% doctor spider bite
2 5.56% spider, northwest us
2 5.56% google search hobo spiders
2 5.56% brown house spider pics
2 5.56% spiders of the pacific northwest
2 5.56% northwest spider
2 5.56% pics of hobo spider bites
2 5.56% northwest house spider pics
1 2.78% what's up with the weather
1 2.78% giant house spider
1 2.78% pics of arizona spider bites
1 2.78% vinegar and honey hot
1 2.78% vinegar and honey
1 2.78% experiments on smoking
1 2.78% northwest spider species
1 2.78% vinegar tea
1 2.78% 50,s lamp shades
1 2.78% hilarious email
1 2.78% vinegar and honey tea
1 2.78% vinegar honey tea
1 2.78% counrties flags
1 2.78% is elvis alive?
1 2.78% honey and vinegar health drink
36 100.00%

It looks like those darned Hobo Spiders got the edge re: searches. But then again, it's that time of the year for those hobo's to go on the prowl.

However, one of my favorites was the 50,s lamp shades which no doubt took the searcher to a piece I wrote months ago when I helped my daughter and son in law move into their brand spanking new home in Vancouver, WA. It was a fun move and certainly a memorable one.

By the way, I've been trying to find myself on this blog re: where to go, what to write about, etc. I think I'm going to go back to my original idea of a bit of stuff about those most newsworthy moments in our tiny world on a weekly basis. I'm thinking about posting once a week on a Saturday morning.

If anyone's out there and happens to read this let me know what you think about that idea.

I'm still a bit tweaked about the "Elvis" piece. Heaven forbid!

Alright, I'd better get off of here.

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