Saturday, November 12, 2005

Blog Questions... a tag....

Some questions asked on other blogs about blogs, bloggers and blogging...

Why did you start blogging? A long, long time ago. Before Al Gore (don’t tell him though, he’d cop a real serious attitude). It really wasn’t known as “Blogging” then but more like bulletin boards (remember those? I had one up and running for years. DOS and Windows), forums, actual websites, webpages, personal pages, journals, etc. I don’t know exactly when but years ago… when the first public modems were available for use and rudimentary internet connections started being made.

Have you ever wanted to meet a blogger in person? Yes. I have. Absolutely. Over the years I’ve interacted on the ‘net with a gazillion folks from everywhere, have wanted to meet some and, in fact have met several.

Have you ever met a blogger in person? See, I don’t read ahead. Yup. I’ve met several. Innocent, “Hey, how’s things. Wow. You look like I imagined” meet and greet meetings (pre-webcam).

Have you ever spoken to one on the phone? Yes. Ranging from helping folks with their logons to the BBS to general and sometimes detailed discussions.

Do you have more than one blog? Yes. I have two. The other one is under a different screen name so as not to have any link to this one at all.

Where do your ideas for posts come from? I post ideas from life in general. What’s going on around me or us that’s affecting us at the time. I don’t post as often as I’d like to and sometimes the posts are lame but yah, I do write about what’s affecting me, us or the world as we see it at the time, for the most part.

Have you ever fallen for another blogger? No, not really. Just grown very fond of some. I have the love of my life right here under this roof sharing her life with me. Why would I ever want someone else?

How many blogs do you read? Check out the “links” list. All of those--- and some of the links they have on their sites. I don’t read them daily--- I’d never get anything done but I do try to visit each one at least once a week.

What do you like to read in a blog? I like to read captivating, good, taut, seamless prose and poetry on any topic that might catch my attention. I like to be educated... I yearn to learn more. I overlook spelling errors and typo’s--- those happen.

Are there blogs you shy away from? I tend to shy away from the very busy blogs. It’s just my nature. I don’t like crowds. I’ll visit, post and return from time to time to those smaller, more entertaining (to me) blogs until I decide to request permission to link them or until I leave them altogether. I also don't like politically charged (heavy) political blogs.

Why do you keep writing? It’s always been a passion of mine. I’ve always been able to express myself, my ideas, my thoughts with far more energy… more detail by writing them out and sharing them than by any other form of communication. I may not have a “style” that agrees with many of you but the most important fact to me is that I get it out… get it on “paper”, regardless of who reads it. I just don't happen to get here enough to get these thoughts out as much as I'd like to.

There’s my answers. Now, the challenge goes out to those of you who haven’t done this yet. Take on the task, step out, grow some hair and give it a try!

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