Friday, March 24, 2006

catchin' up... a bit annoying!

It's amazing how some minds move through life. It's a complicated, organized mess.

Normal folks seem to plug along at a somewhat determined pace... other folks trip along at somewhat sedated paces and yet others fly along at those supersonic paces.

Either way, minds move... they think... they wonder... and eventually (if not influenced) they get to the same "general" point.

Life is what "we" make it.

Well. It seems my "bi-polar brother in law" went and got himself into a pretty tight jam.

You remember when I said his "Ex" was "taking him back"? Well she did. All the while I told "bi-polar brother in law" to keep away from "her"... his ex-wife who really is still married to him.

He didn't really heed my advice... which is always an option... and went "back to her".
Which was really NOT the thing to do. She was on the hunt for some "man-blood"!

It was a huge REACH!!!

He had no business going back to her but as he said today... "I had nowhere else to go"... a slap in our faces. He told us this on the phone as he talked to us from jail... after he was arrested for a Domestic Violence and Malicious Mischief charge.

She lit him up. She knew what she was doing. She set him up so damned fine that I don't think he's gonna get out of it. He'll probably spend the rest of his life behind bars. All because he defied her... the woman who hates men... the "she-dog" of Sunwood Lakes. She burned him bad!

I don't like him... bi-polar brother in law. He's not my "friend" by any means but he is "family" and he definitely doesn't deserve what he's about to get.

Now it's time to even things out... a legal sort of way.

Hang on!


Ed said...

Oh dear...I'm guessing that he wouldn't do very well in prison. Intrigued as to how you can even things out.

Sunshine said...

Oh No!!!

I expect J is really upset by all this.. and as you say, he is family........

Hope you CAN help him out a bit...

I will keep you all in my thoughts.

Cathy said...

If you have documented proof that he is bi-polar this turn of events might just turn out to be a good thing.

No way would he do well in prison with his medical history. A good defense attorney could possibly use the bi-polar thing to have him hospitalized instead of imprisoned. Poor guy.

By the way, the "on the hunt for some man-blood" remark caused me to spit my Pepsi. Thanks for the laugh.

DG said...

I'm intriqued. Sounds like you have a plan, and a man with a plan can be dangerous!

Miranda said...

Wow, thats not sounding very good.

I stumbled across your blog throught the comment path, very nice.

Cathy said...

I don't think of it as being vindictive. I like to think of it as evening the score. Some people just need to be put in their place and it sounds as if you are doing a fine job of taking up for your BIL.

One thing though, I hope like hell you never get angry at me!

Anonymous said...

You are good at fire fighting - you should be able to help!!!


D. H. said...

Miranda- Hi! Welcome. I drop by your blog quite often and leave a note from time to time. Nice digs over there.

Sorry you stopped by during this challenging time. I'm normally not this "negative"... Things will take a turn towards the positive side soon.

In the meantime thanks for dropping by and leaving a note.