Friday, March 10, 2006

sometimes life...

...can be so simply complicated.

At times I get philosophical. It's my nature. I apologize in advance to those whom I'm about to bore.

"The wife" and I love to try new things. We love to explore... reach out... experiment... test.

During our 29 years together (I'm counting our one year of dating too) we've learned that if we always do what we always did we'll always get what we've always got... which, in many ways isn't necessarily bad. But if you don't try something new you'll never know what might be better.

So we do... we try new things. Things that may lead to better experiences...
memories... life. Or things that may not.

Either way if we get the urge, if we have the desire, the energy, the want... feel the need. If we decide we're tempted to try... we will.

We will try in earnest! We have always done that... together... as husband and wife, as best friends, as lovers, as a team!

Up here in the Pacific Northwest we're blessed with a great, huge outdoor playground of sorts. Together we've experienced this playground in many, many ways. We raised our children to play, to test, to experiment... to try. To respect and protect... to use wisely... delicately. To cherish their environment... to have fun!

We've shared with them our belief that life... as short as it is should be fun... in a balanced sort of way.

And they realize and appreciate this. They do. With us, with their families, with others. They enjoy their lives as much as J and I enjoy ours.

So why am I sharing this with you? This family quest of sorts. Our own personal legacy of life... of family.

What purpose does it serve? Why does it need to serve any purpose?

Aren't we simply blessed with what we have and shouldn't we be thankful for what we get?

Isn't that a rule? A rule of life written in a book. Etched in granite... marble somewhere?

Do we need to push... to test... to experiment... to go beyond what we accept as fine... okay... comfortable in life. Why isn't a good life today not necessarily such a good life tomorrow?

What gives us the drive to press on? To explore... experiment... test? To try new things... to reach out? Why do we do this?

Perhaps it's because I bought a 'yak recently and have one helluva lotta mountain lakes, quiet bays and out of the way, slow moving rivers to get to in the next ten, maybe twenty years.

I know there's some fish out there waiting to bolster our spirits! I know J and I will be paddling our little 'yaks around these little pools for years to come!

I know I simply wanted to share with you... our friends... that we've bought a couple of kayaks and we're going to have a bit more fun... in many, many more ways.

Perhaps I went through all of this thought... this drivel simply to say...

"We're not done! Not nearly done! We're not through experimenting... playing! We're going to have fun and we're going to keep on keeping on! ...even if it kills us!"

Besides, we've bought these bloody things so now we have to use them.

...i guess sore fingers, aching bones, insane brother in laws tend to drive people to doing stuff like this... buying kayaks...

...they'll just make us a bit more remote... more difficult to find.

Ah yeah... our 'yaks, our dog, a remote mountain lake... a nice summer's day. What else can there be...

...I'd better not post my answer to that question on this blog.


DG said...

I am in the exact place. Ready to go and try new things, as in our youth, but lost in the "middle ages" if you will. hey, I'm with ya!

D. H. said...

You got it DG! Go for it! J and I are. We're not going to hold back. We did at one time... like you said... in the "middle ages" (I like that!). All that did was make us complacent... dull... predictable... wanting.

As you know "J" and I are madly in love with one another and fall more in love each day. This, coupled with our wants... our almost overwhelming desire to press on to learn more... experience more has almost consumed us.

Bottom line, it's fun... and exciting.

...and rewarding. :-)

Cathy said...

Life is made for making memories and you can't do that doing the same thing over and over again. Enjoy the "yaks" and be sure to share the stories.

D. H. said...

Hi Cathy- Yah... we're piling on those memories daily... and we're definitely going to enjoy the 'yaks. I'll post. yup.

Sunshine said...

I hope you enjoy the isolated scenery and remote locations in your usual way - what a beautiful way to get to some of your stunning locations..

How blessed are you to have all this on your "doorstep"..

I would be worried that the kayak would topple over and as I am such a poor swimmer, I would totally freak if this happened.

Ed used to have a canoe or kayak or something along those lines when he was younger - but before I came along.

How does the dog travel? Does he do "doggie paddle"??? (I am laughing at my own joke here - how sad is that!)

Steve said...

The definition of "old age" is:
not wanting to change...
not seeking novelty...
living the "routine" life.

Never grow old, D.H.

D. H. said...

Steve- Believe me... We want to change, we want to seek that which is novel! In fact we do... we have... for years... in all walks of our relationship.

And you're absolutely right. We won't grow old. But our bodies eventually wear out.

Ain't that the fun of things though? Dump the body and you'll have a GRAND time!

"The Wife" and I are gonna paddle to our hearts content!

Take that life!

Sugar said...

Wow..wot a great read, thanx for stopping by. You paint such a beautiful picture of your I look forward to reading about more :) have fun!

D. H. said...

Hi Evie- Thank you. I have fun reading your blog too. Definitely stop by when you get the urge.

Oh, "J" and I'll definitely have fun... sometimes we have too much fun, but then again I think everyone can relate to that at one time or another.

Take care.