Wednesday, May 17, 2006

bpbil is out...

... after copping an Alford Plea.

But he's out. He's here with J and I and he's quite "jacked up".

It seems he's had quite the ride.

A female corrections officer tried to remove his wedding ring while he was in there. Why? Who knows... the other inmates were wearing theirs? Hell, the guy behind him was wearing his when she tried to twist his arm off and get to it. But then, that's another story... another blog post. There will be names and details... fun stuff.

His (gawd I have to laugh when I say this) attorney (court appointed and court re-appointed) seems to have really had a huge issue with me and the blog.

She had quite the candid discussion with him today after court. Bpbil is still filling me in... about today and other very brief conversations he's had with Deborah.

More future blog stuff.

And then we have a "man" who has pretty much revealed his soul. He claims to want to help yet buys time, does the shuck and jive, plays the "handshake", "honorable" card and sells me out in the end.

I have to admit I let him get me to agree to quit posting to the blog "and let things work".

...well they did.

Oh, he directed me to certain people so I could "expose the corruption and inequities of the Thurston County Sheriff's Office", that county's criminal justice system and a number of other things.

Yup, I made a tactical error that day when I talked to him on the phone. I agreed to "back off". I agreed to give "Deborah" some breathing room... What a farce!

I blew it!

I sold bpbil out that night without meaning to!

I should have just followed my instincts and kept on posting.

...well, those days are coming. We're going to learn a lot about this system in Thurston County, Washington.

... and I'll be linking blogs Skelly.

Deborah... I don't give "legal advice" so there's no need to discuss that with your "client". Perhaps you might want to try dishing some worthy advice out someday... that's what you're getting paid to do.

Oh, and we have some wonderful phone conversations to share as well... you know, those types between (gawd this is funny!) "attorney" and "client".

... and my maiden voyage on the kayak...

This blog ain't going to be pre-occupied with bpbil stuff.


Steve said...

What a shame! Sounds like politics as usual.

I was wondering why you have been so quiet.

How did they ever find out about the blog?

Skelly said...

"How did they ever find out about the blog?"

"They" found it with Technorati, IceRocket, or most any search engine. It's not a conspiracy.

D. H. said...

Hi Steve.

Yah, Skelly used simple search engines for it. I'm not hiding anything and don't intend to. And he's right... there's no conspiracy there. It's just a couple of attorneys who are either burned out or simply wanting their paycheck without having to do much, if anything for their assigned client.

I've been quite busy lately with other things but intend on posting under several topics relating to attorneys in this county, the county sheriff's department, jail, etc.

Skelly, I'm guessing you did what you could. Whatever the case though very little, if anything was done by Deborah. In fact, she became more abrasive and irate with bpbil (an I) as it got closer to trial. We always wondered why, if she didn't want to represent him why she insisted on being left on his case to the judge... we think we know now.

Sunshine said...

Looking forward to hearing about the kayak.......

Steve said...

Btw, D.H....
I "tagged" you the other day.

D. H. said...

Hi Steve,

Alright, when I get home I'll get 'r done... I'm leaving the motel now.

Take care.

Sunshine said...

Steve tagged me too and I had a go - as usual I used 20 words when 5 found have been sufficient but it was fun and made you think about yourself - which is sometimes, quite a useful exercise..

Hope you had a good trip. Always good to get home and I am sure J will be looking forward to seeing you and welcoming you home...

D. H. said...

Hi Sue!!! Yah, I made it home. I posted my "tag" too. I thought a lot about myself in this one... (and I don't like doing that!).

Ah, the trip was long, non-productive but necessary (I guess). And yes... it's always good to get home. Even if it is raining and 60 degrees.

After all, that's what keeps it green here.

Take care Sue... say "hi" to Ed!