Tuesday, May 23, 2006

okay... so Steve tagged me...

From Steve's All That I Am post. A good post by the way!

Keep in mind... this is an I thing...

Here's my answers...

I AM: a man who makes mistakes, a puzzle solver, a husband madly in love with his wife, a very proud father and grandfather, a son of a hero!
I WANT: peace, happiness, good health and prosperity for all of my family and friends, those I love to be good contributors to this world.
I WISH: for comfort for all.
I HATE: very little… there’s a reason for most everything. Ineptness, laziness. I do not like sexual predators or mean people.
I MISS: My Mom, my nephews, my father in law and mother in law. The 50’s and 60’s.
I FEAR: little… it all has a purpose… and fear of it isn’t productive. Perhaps the grandkids growing up in this odd little world and the challenges they face.
I HEAR: a rush of sound… constant hissing… whirring.
I WONDER: how I’ve lived this long. How I’ve been blessed with what I do have around me. About most anything.
I REGRET: Certain decisions I’ve made that have affected others. Not staying in the Army through retirement.
I’M NOT: a politico… a politically correct person… mean.
I DANCE: never as much as I’d like to. My own way…
I SING: when I get the urge… usually off key.
I CRY: silently… alone.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: the nicest person on earth, compassionate.
I MAKE: something of nothing… mistakes… people happy and sad.
I WRITE: more than I talk. I love to write… it’s a passion.
I CONFUSE: what is necessary from what is wanted.
I NEED: far less than what I have.
I HAVE: far more than what I need.
I LOVE: watching a sunset with the wife, a cookout on the beach, life, family, friends, challenges!
I SHOULD: Relax more. Pay more attention to the wife, those precious children of ours and our precious grandkids.
I TAG: Whoever wants to participate… but I’ll suggest DG, Ed, HarleyDreamer, (Justin and/or Andrea), (Kerri and/or Corey), Dad, Lynn and Cathy!

But don’t do it if you feel “compelled” to.


Steve said...

About "I CONFUSE": so you are saying that, sometimes, the things you say could have been left "unsaid?"

Sometimes, they are inappropriate, or not politically correct? Do you sometimes behave impulsively?

I like your "I SHOULD," D.H., very much.

I like this exercise, because it is fun to do...plus it lets us readers know more about you...and it gets you thinking / writing about things, other than about how frustrating our legal system can be! :)

Cathy said...

"I CONFUSE: what is necessary from what is wanted."

I love that one. It's probably true for all of us. I did mine before reading your's. I didn't want to be enfluenced by your answers. You are a much deeper thinker than I am, it would seem. Not that I'm surprised!

Queue_t said...

I HAVE: far more than what I need.

I too have way more blessings in this life. as dave ramsey says I am better than I deserve. I like your thoughts and your list, I am working mine.

Sunshine said...

As I said before, I have done this one - we are, infact, quite alike in some ways....

D. H. said...

Steve- This was a very good "exercise"... a lot of inner thought. And yes, one could draw from my "I confuse" response that sometimes I say things that could have been left unsaid.

Thanks for the tag!

Cathy- Your post was far more insightful... revealing... yet guarded in certain ways. As for depth... well, I think you've got me there. I still can't get over the comments made elsewhere. All I can say is "ballsy" and "right on the mark".

queue_t- Ain't that the truth? We have far more than what we need. I'm looking forward to your responses. Like Steve says, this lets us know a bit more about each other.

Sue- Don't you know! And we are a lot alike in some ways... isn't it a hoot?!