Thursday, May 25, 2006

you know...

...I was sitting here reflecting on a lot of things. On the kayak, on the grandkids, on "the wife", "the daughter", "the son", "Son in law", "Daughter in law", Dad, the grandkids, friends...

I was reading Cathy's blog and was comparing the attorney stuff... what a tragedy. What a shameful, self serving travesty attorneys seem to wrap themselves with. It's actually disgusting... sickening.

I was reviewing correspondence from local deputy prosecutors to some of the folks I work with today.

The attorneys of this country actually do hold themselves to a far higher "caste" than us uninformed, grovelling, blue collar citizens.

Anyways... back to my reflections...

A couple of weeks ago... Mother's Day... "J", "Son", "Daughter in law", "Daughter", "Son in law", "grandkids", "Great Grandpa" (AKA: Dad), daughter in law's parents... our friends and I had a barbeque on the beach. It was fun... nice, relaxing.

I haven't been in a fun, nice, relaxing environment for quite awhile.

So, I happened to sip the merlot...

...and kayak.

Not a good mixture... merlot and kayaking. When we got there the tide was out considerably.

This meant that by the end of the day the tide would be well on it's way in and we'd have consumed copious amounts of merlot...

...and we'd have the kayaks at our disposal.

...and the grandkids watched.

They watched as we pushed off and went out to sea... daring davey jones! Daring all that resides in the Pacific Ocean and it's bays and estuaries.

Challenging the very nature of "deep sea" itself.

Yup... we paddled out. Fortified by merlot... paddled.

Paddled into the rising tides until, alas gravity took over and promptly flopped my sorry butt upside down.
Where I was left to stand alone... by myself... humiliated... defeated.

The sea and the Merlot won out.

...and I stood alone, kayak bobbing upside down next to me.

...a derelict vessel among derelict vessels.

Merlot, kayak, sea... not a good combo.

But I laughed... at myself, with "them", with me. I laughed and enjoyed the fun we had.


Cathy said...

If one ever needs fortification, merlot will do the trick. Too bad it doesn't enhance one's Kayaking skills huh?

Sounds like a great gathering in a great place. Love those grandchildren. How many do you have?

Sunshine said...

If this appears twice -please bear with me but blogger just said your blog could not be found - and here it is in front of me..

What did I say? Something along the lines of what was just a little embarrasing incident for you, will become a happy lifetime memory for your grandchildren. They will always remember the day you went "belly up" as you said. Great adventure. Great fun.

DG said...

Dang that looks like fun. and don't get me started on attorneys.

Steve said...

"Merlot, kayak, sea... not a good combo."

No...but everything else with it, looks like a great combo!

Nuclear Mom said...

What a poetic post! I love it. Merlot and kayaks... and the pictures add to poetry.