Saturday, August 12, 2006

i'll be back soon...

I thought I'd mention that I've been away from the blog for quite some time... not intentional but necessary. I've been busy, pre-occupied... had to prioritize my time and quite frankly didn't have the urge nor energy to really post anything.

Don't get me wrong, I missed (and miss) every minute of it... and I've been lurking on yours. It's just that I've been out gathering experiences, stories to share and I'll be posting in the near future... when things "slow down".

The experiences... stories may range from bpbil and his latest antics to the Thurston County Criminal Justice System, bpbil's "wife" and her most unusual "family" (this could be a book in and of itself... though most would think it would be a work of fiction... moreover, science fiction), trips throughout the state regarding my work, domestic activities, depression, boats, fishing, friends, enemies, teeth, Grandkids, family, work and play.

Thanks for stopping by from time to time. I'll get back to it in a bit. I just needed to pull one iron out of the fire for awhile and focus on things closer to home.


DG said...

I'll be hanging around waiting. By the way, I'm heading your way next week!

Sunshine said...

Take care and try to get a break.

Here for you whenever!

Cathy said...

I'm glad you are back and I'm looking forward to the stories, no matter what the subject matter.

Steve said...

I almost thought you left for good...
but I am glad to see you back! :)

D. H. said...

DG--- I wish I read this earlier. I hope you had fun!

Sue--- Thanks. Two months ago through last week we had our "busy, busy, busy" season. The breaks are happening now... weather's changing and it's time to kick back, lick our wounds and put puzzles together. This was one helluva year. I think we set records for recorded history here... but it was FUN!!!!

...and thanks for being there!

Cathy--- The stories, they'll be a'coming! Plenty... plenty to tell! I should be writing novels! Coupled with this record fire season are record bpbil and brother Rick stories... holy crap, I'm thinking another blog.

Steve--- Nah, I don't leave... I just have to catch my breath from time to time. When things get busy I can't do much but focus on "the job"... when things slow down I can focus on multiple tasks, including the blog.

I guess that suggests I'm not that diverse. But then again, I'm finally answering posts beyond thirty days out.