Saturday, August 26, 2006

where is ryegate, montana?

...and why would I want you to know?

Well, it's going to be a topic of some posts here in the near future. Ryegate, Montana, Golden Valley County Sheriff, Emergency Services Director and all around county servant Floyd R. Fisher, a county attorney named Stacey Maloney, a guy we'll call Rick, a scofflaw we'll call Dude, a car, a police chase, an illegal search, some improperly seized cash ($1,907.00, US), some court ordered returned cash ($1,907.00 US), an FBI agent we'll call Anonymous, a girl we'll call Sue, local government, state government, tow bills, alleged corruption, alleged conspiracy, adjacent Musselshell county, the Musselshell County Sheriff, good ol' boys, a deputy sheriff or clerk or receptionist or whatever she is with a real bad memory we'll call Deputy Debbie until I can get her real name and U.S. currency ($1,907.00) in the wrong denominations.

Yah, this is going to be interesting. I'm waiting for the information to get here but the story's a damned fine story... something right out of a novel. Maybe a couple of exciting and gripping chapters out of an otherwise lazy, easy reading novel.

I'll take you to Ryegate, Montana, Golden Valley County's seat of local government. I'll introduce you to the town, the county, the state, the players and the situation(s)... calling your attention to particular practices, matters of fact that should have been reviewed... should still be reviewed in detail by some corruption watchdog organization somewhere.

Given the circumstances surrounding the incidents I'm thinking some things just aren't quite on the "up and up" out there in that neck of the woods. But, then again I can always be wrong. Let's see where the information takes me.

In the meantime, if you're so inclined I'd recommend googling Ryegate, Montana just to get a bit of background before I start posting the info.

And while you're at it check Maximum Advocacy's latest battle with folks in Nevada! Interesting stuff...

I guess it's not just a Thurston County, Washington thing... this crap is happening all over the place. But then again, I wasn't so naive as to believe it is isolated to just one county.

Either way, stay tuned for the Ryegate posts.


DG said...

Ya, I learned real young that this crap goes on.

Sunshine said...

I hear that you are having a lot of fires your way DH.. hope you are keeping well!

D. H. said...

dg... Today I received the info from an "anonymous source" that'll really shake some trees. We know it goes on! Unfortunately I've been a law enforcement officer since 1975 and am certainly not proud to see what has happened here in Thurston County and in other areas throughout the 'States. Yah Tah Hey though... I'm not going to dwell on that anymore on this blog. I'm thinking about starting another blog simply for global and local ranting... I mean, the United Nations headquartered in the United States??? Why??? It's time to move "them" on. But the next time you're over this way you have to stop by. I'll bbq steaks and we'll bring the family in so you can put faces with the names.

Hey Sue... I'd offer the same but that'd be a helluva trip for you, Ed and the kids... but the offer's there. Yah, fire is a priority... well, it has been up until the past two days. We're getting our rain now. Wind, rain and a bit more rain. We're keeping well for sure. By the way, Son and his Wife picked Reese as their daughters name at "random", without research... it's Welsh. Cool huh? And they say there's no such thing as "roots".

Daniel said...

Well nothing has changed here. I can't comment now because I am in the middle of a mess here in good ole' freaking Ryegate. Sheriff hasn't changed, it's still him, and he's a very questionable character(at BEST)!AFter this unfolds, I will be back to spill the beans and give all the garbage that happens.I am sure it will be biased proceedings(what the hell else do they have to do here? This is a money train for this piss poor town and county).Kirk out!