Wednesday, September 20, 2006

she's here!!!!

...Reese is here!

Okay, she's been here since September 5 but I just wasn't in the "blogging" mood.

She's definitely here though! We've been blessed by another angel!

Her name is Reese Madison. She was 8 lbs 9 oz and 20.5" inches long when born! Yup!!! She's here!

...and let me tell you she's getting prettier with each passing day. Something J and I never thought could be possible... how could any baby get more beautiful by the day when they're born as beautiful as Reese was born.

We thought this was simply impossible! But then again, J and I were in awe with each of our children and all three of our grandchildren.

And proud grandma... who'd have thought it! When our son and daughter in law bring Reese through our door J is no longer functionable. She abandons whatever she's doing and is grabbing Reese immediately, "coo-cooching" her and coddling her.

I'm thinking I must have a wife who simply loves her newest grand daughter! But then, who wouldn't love the precious child!

Anyway, she's here...

Don't you think her Daddy's looking a bit proud?

...and a bit bewildered? LOL!

I'd post a pic of proud Mommy but no one forwarded any to me and I didn't have the opportunity to take any yet.

I do love to see the start of a new, budding, lovely family...

...they warm my heart at a time when my heart is in need of a good, heartfelt warming.

I can only think back and remember the times when J and I had our first... our lovely daughter followed two years later by our second... our wonderful son and remember thanking God and anyone else that would listen for the two most beautiful and healthy children any parent could ask for. Now I've been able to see the "next" generation plant their roots and begin to grow!

This is so fine! So damned fine!

And DG... thanks for the congrats!

Isn't life nice...


Ed said...


I can't contemplate grandchildren of our own yet though!

Cathy said...

She is pretty isn't she and, I don't say that about many new borns. Her complexion is so smooth and pink. None of the red, splotchy stuff going on.

Congratulations to the new grandparents and parents. I'm very happy for you all.

D. H. said...

Ed... Thanks! She's fantastic! She came into this world as defiant as any Heryford (Hereford) could be! True to her name. Lovely and big enough to make an impact.

Trust me, you're not contemplating the thought right now but it's there before you know it... and it's GRAND!

Hi Cathy... How's things going lady. I hope all's going better. You had a rough row to hoe there for a bit. I've tried keeping up on your blog but things have been challenging on this end. However, I see things are turning up.

She is pretty isn't she! (Hell, you said that... I just read that again!). The first pic in my post was taken with my phone. The other pic was taken by someone in the maternity room... but either way she's fantastically beautiful!

I'm not trying to be biased here... just matter of fact blunt!

Thanks all!

Sue said...

Pretty - I would say ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL - Watch out Ed - I feel a broody moment coming on!!!

Many congratulations to you all......

Your son looks really pleased and proud - but who wouldn't be.

Love to you and J....

Cathy said...

Grandparents are supposed to be biased. My paternal grandmother used to tell me that she felt sorry for all the other grandmothers because they didn't have pretty grandchildren like she did.

One of these days I'll get lucky and can join you as a grandparent with pretty grandbabies.

DG said...

That is too cool. Now, don't forget the Seahawk wear for the little one! And, I recommend Oakland Raider attire for the diapers... the ones with Al Davis's face on the bottom... ;)

D. H. said...

Cathy... LOL I've already used that line with J re: feeling sorry for all of the other grandparents in the world!

It's cool, this grandpa thing!

DG... She has pink Seahawks clothes. Yah. I can't find those diapers up here though... love the idea. It'd make a bundle!

Anonymous said...

I think the pink would be a good color for the Seattle Mariners...By the way the baby is a cutie just like her daddy was but what happened to her daddy? He now has a mug......UNK in Mt.

D. H. said...

Hi anonymous... errrr, unk in mt.

LOL... I'll pass it along to "her daddy".

By the way, you're going out to look for the big deer this weekend?

I heard as much from an 84 yrs. old hero.

...and taking Bob with you too? Cool.