Saturday, September 23, 2006

a bit more about Ryegate...

...Golden Valley County and the good ol' boys of the Golden Valley County Sheriff's Department, prosecutor's office and the adjacent Musselshell County Sheriff's Department.

You see, 'round there Sheriff's are the soopreme authority. Yessiree.

I now have enough information (I think) to write about what actually occurred on June 09, 2006 and the months subsequent to that date.

Of how the Golden Valley County good ol' boy sheriff fishy Floyd Fisher didn't return $1,907.00 in cash and a 1992 Dodge Stealth for quite some time... the car that a Musselshell county sheriff's female deputy told my source that her son was going to "look good driving around in..." and the cash that was returned in different denominations than the cash that was seized.

Hmmm, how's that happen if it's retained as evidence? Shouldn't the cash returned actually be the cash that was seized? I don't know about RYEGATE, MONTANA but in the rest of the United States, evidence (cash especially) is supposed to be protected and is supposed to follow a very regimented chain of custody.

Given the comments by the Musselshell County Deputy and fishy Sheriff Floyd Fisher, perhaps the "return" of this evidence... the cash and the car... was never an option until someone intervened and made things happen.

I will say the County prosecutor bailed from the whole scheme rather quickly after she found out my source simply wasn't going to be bullied and walk away.

I wonder where the original cash disappeared to and how good ol' boy fishy Floyd acquired the cash he eventually returned to my source. Did he have to secure a signature loan??? Speculation on my part, nothing more.

It's an interesting story and as soon as I'm through sorting things out I'm going to post it.

This crap is happening out here and it has to be addressed!

Oh yeah, on a good note, Dan the FBI man... thanks for the help... it seems to have done the trick... your good work coupled with the tenacity of a disgusted and "fed up" father seems to have changed some minds in Ryegate. You're a good man Dan.

Stay tuned


Sue said...

What a tangled web you weave...

Talk about solving puzzles for a living!!!! Sounds like one big headache to me........

Hope Reese is doing well and that mum and dad are getting SOME sleep and grandma and grandpa are getting loads of cuddles!!

D. H. said...

Hi Sue!!

LOL... it's not all that tangled. I just don't accept government corruption and allegations of government corruption at any level. I can't bring myself to turn my head and ignore it when it's been brought to my attention.

So, I dabble...

Reese, Mom, Dad and us grandparents (both sets and great grandpa) are doing great! And yes, we're getting the cuddles and kisses grandparents should be getting!

It's nice...

...very nice.


Anonymous said...

Be careful.

Beware: GESTAPO 911. They don't take much of a liking to "civilians" gettin' bizzy wid it.

When they can't throw bizzy ppl in jail they might claim they're a danger to themself or others, or incapable of taking care of their daily needs and commit them for a few to 180 days.

Don't think they won't do it to you if you embarass them.

Worth repeating - beware: GESTAPO 911.

Blog looks lovely.

D. H. said...

Wow, is this veiled or is this innocent advice?

Anonymous said...

Fisher is an old pervert fag we all know that.