Sunday, October 01, 2006

i love the fall... family, friends and barbecues...'s refreshing!

And now, as summer's behind us and fall's taking a grip I'm reluctant to give up on those little backyard get togethers where whatever is edible can be barbecued.

That's one of my beliefs, I guess. "If it can be eaten, it can be cooked on the barbecue".

You either slap the item on the grill itself or use a cooking grate or copious amounts of tinfoil... did I just date myself even more?... tinfoil???

Hell, I was raised calling it tinfoil or "Reynolds wrap". One or the other.

Anyway, the stuff's priceless when baking potatoes, sauteeing mushrooms and shrimp, ...scallops... whatever.

I love the stuff and should have bought stock in the company. I'd be paying my own dividends... but I didn't buy the stock. I just use the product... a lot!

I got off track, sorry.

So, back to this wandering post.

Okay, for the record... let's save some keystrokes and call it bbq.


Now, back to my story...Because my summers are so active at times (like this year) I can't bbq as often as I'd like and we... J and I... can't have the family and friends over as much as we'd like unless she or someone else fires up the grill themselves.

Besides, spending time cooking something on a grill that's running anywhere from 300-400 degrees (Fahrenheit) on a 90-100 degree summer's day isn't always that attractive.

Let's be frank, it isn't attractive.

The natural and generated heat coupled with copious amounts of Merlot can lead to rather extremely curious discussions and rather undesirable results from the grill of the bbq.

Sooo, I rejoice when the season changes!

Fall creeps in, the days are shorter, the temperature changes are much more noticeable... accomodating, the food cooks better, the merlot tastes better, the bees aren't as interested in what you're cooking and....


...FOOTBALL'S on the tube!!!

North American football that is.

But FOOTBALL, North American football... football... our version of football at it's best!!!

College (Go 'DAWGS!!! go Coug's!!!) football!


Youth leagues, middle schools, high schools!!!

Ah football, family, friends, barbecues, steaks, chicken, ribs, 'shrooms, shrimp, veggies and kabobs!

Top it off with a shared bottle of merlot, burgundy or another red... bringing it home. doesn't get much better than that!


DG said...

And do you call the refrigerator an "Ice Box"?

D. H. said...

Don't know what you're talking about.

Sue said...

You won't find much BBQing going on over here at the moment - unless it is in a boat - so much rain!!!

D. H. said...

Hi Sue!!!

We're getting the rain here now. But I still barbecue... I'm damned defiant!

If you live in Washington state you know live in the rain.