Thursday, October 19, 2006

Wow... last post October 4th???? Time flies... know, I forget sometimes how much I miss blogging.

I've been trying to "tie up loose ends" regarding work and haven't really paid much attention to the blog.

Bottom line, it was a very busy summer and now the fallout is beginning.

I returned from Dayton, Washington today and took some time out on Skate Creek to catch some of the incoming Fall changes.

I used to fish up here with the son and my brother and his son ten or so years back. The creek had fish, my flies and their worms caught them... bottom line, we had fun.

The son was... what? 14-15 years old??? We'd fish from dawn to dusk! Most of the time catch and release. But we'd definitely quit at dusk... the bats came out at dusk.

We'd eat the food we cooked over the fire... the toughest steak I've ever had and we slept in our tents, dreaming of the next day... that HUGE fish... the RECORD BREAKER!

But, in all we simply came to the "creek" to live, relax, forget and move on.

The creek was "all healing"...

So, when I have to head over to the Southeast regions of this wonderful state I travel the less traveled paths much like a person I know in Montana. I go past those places where I remember our fun, our absolute release from stress for a precious couple of days.

I drive on, knowing that I've spent time here in these elements... time that, to this day my son respects, admires and returns to... time spent with one of my brothers, one of my nephews, my son and I... it's time to move it to the grandson and his generation!

I'm moving him from the lakes to the streams... and fly fishing!

He's got the touch.


Cathy said...

Beautiful scenery, beautiful post.

Sunshine said...

Welcome home!

Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos and memories..

If you have a minute, pop over to our freind's new blog - I think he lives in your state..

Hope you and J are well.

DG said...

Oh Gosh. Isn't that great. Fishing with the boys. That's how men should bond!

D. H. said...

Hi all!

Cathy, as you know the scenery's even better in real life... and the memories, well... they just add to the pictures.

Thanks Sue, I'll still be drifting in and out but have most of the work caught up and am starting to get even with the other stuff. I went over to the blog and tried to post a comment. I believe it requires me to sign up for Word Press so his comments are "closed".

Either way, it sounds like he's having some trials right about now. Wish him luck for us.

DG, Yeah! Fishing seems to be a common thread, eh?

Sue said...

DH - yes, he is having a tough time - I see that his comments are closed - he has just moved over to wordyblog so I think he is still working on things. Your good thoughts are much appreciated.

Sue said...

PS Brian has enabled comments now...

Is the forest fire season over now?

Sue said...

PPS Looking at the news coming from California, then I realise that the answer is NO!!!!!

D. H. said...

Hi Sue,

Well, actually our fire season is over for now. I'm just wrapping up loose ends on some of last years fires.

We've been having quite a bit of flooding going on here in Washington and Oregon these past several days so that's been cramping things around here too.

When I get back to my motel tonight I'll jump over and check Brian's blog again... drop him a line and intro myself.

Take care and say "hi" to Ed and the kids for us.