Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Greatest Show on Earth... American tragedy.

I really had to sit out a day and watch in awe at what just happened all around us – to our nation, our tattered image. I was beside myself. I mean, I had my ‘druthers regarding where I wanted concessions made in our government and where I didn’t want them made. And as it should be, some of my hopes were realized and some weren’t – that is to be expected. Such is the case for my somewhat conservative nature and view of things. I realize there are others who don’t see everything the same way as I do and will vote otherwise. After all, this is democracy isn’t it?

So overall, I wasn’t all that concerned or heartened about the election results. Being a “non-partisan” type of guy I guess you’d say I was a bit contended – nothing more... other than “relieved”.

Relieved because the show leading up to this year’s grand finale was frightening, at best. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like this year’s row.

Mid-term elections in the United States normally don’t normally draw much attention away from the local Friday night high school football games let alone from global occurrences, but this year’s mid term did.

The way I saw it the Republicans offered up power, control and the Democrats took them up on their offer. It’s as plain and simple as that. If you don’t want someone to take something away from you well, you shouldn’t act like you don’t want it. If you want something, act like you want it – like you deserve it and most likely it will remain yours – until you abuse it.

This mid term, well it was a lot different than most--- a mean, hard pressed, “he said – she said” affair. It had all of the makings of one of those terrible marital arguments that leads up to months of daily spats and grumblings, if not divorce. Those types of spats where issues are never fully resolved – where wounds seem to never totally heal.

Emotions ran high as accusations from all parties were tossed around, little need for supporting evidence - those “Get the word out! Right, wrong or indifferent get the word out and then move on” types of accusations. Charges of corruption, dereliction of duties, immoral behaviors, fraud, money laundering, pedophilia, racism, - you get the idea.

Heroes were called cowards, cowards were called heroes. Otherwise good men and women stooped to embarrassingly questionable, unreasonable, disgustingly irrational levels of tactics and behaviors just to get elected – for the flavor of power, control.

It wasn’t just the Democrats - It wasn’t just the Republicans, the Libertarians, the independents, the Communists, the Socialists.

It was a free for all. An orgy of greed, of bad manners, lies, deception - of spoiled brats fighting for dominance, for what “they” have and what “they” want. A child’s sugar hyped birthday party void of any adult supervision.

It was an embarrassing portrayal of our “democratic” process played on the world’s stage for all to see. American Politicians - the lowest of lows - play their party politics board game again.

Ah, the seduction of power!

And like all worldly plays (good, bad or indifferent) that draw these types of audiences, the masses of world observers that this one draws – well, it’ll be back on stage in another two years so stay tuned!

The actors, players, stagehands, producers, directors and writers are already writing, rehearsing and acting out in preparation.

Politics – you really have to love it!



Cathy said...

"If you don’t want someone to take something away from you well, you shouldn’t act like you don’t want it. If you want something, act like you want it – like you deserve it and most likely it will remain yours – until you abuse it."

First I have to tell you, I've been going through something that has almost ripped my heart apart. I had no idea how to act or react to the situation. That statement above told me exactly what I need to do. How'd ya get so darned smart?

Secondly, politics in this country has been in the gutter for years and getting worse year by year. Most of the bad behavior they try and keep behind closed doors. It's rather interesting when they have to go public with who they really are and we get to witness up close and personal just how dirty it all is.

With the democrats in control and the rankor that is going to cause with the republicans I can only imagine the ugliness we will witness in two years.

Something to look forward to!

D. H. said...

Hi Cathy!

I'm sorry to hear you're being challenged the way you are. I hope all works out for the best for you!

I'm flattered, but I can't attribute what I said to "intelligence" per se... it's simply from the heart and gleaned from life's experiences, as you well know too. That old "live and learn" doctrine.

As for politics... it's always been an ugly scene. Barraged with negative ads, rhetoric, etc. daily, the American public isn't sure who or what to believe anymore. You're absolutely right when you say it's getting "worse year by year"! And they're dragging some of that behind the scenes bad behavior out into the open a bit more each "election".

Oh, it's going to get REAL ugly. That's one thing we can count on!

Take care Cathy.