Friday, November 24, 2006

DooGooder's vanished! Where'd he go...

...and why?

Does anyone know where DooGooder (aka: DG) disappeared to? His blog isn't up anymore, his profile isn't there anymore!

The last time I looked, Boise, Idaho was still around. The last time I heard anything from DG on this blog was when he posted a comment to one of my little posts on October 20, 2006.

After that, I commented on his blog not all that long ago.

So, does anyone know what might have happened to him? I'm curious, concerned and a bit bewildered.

That's the thing about this internet and blogging stuff... you can fall off of the face of the earth with a simple tap of the left mouse button.

DG, if you ever read this... good luck. We had some fun, didn't we! Take care guy!


Steve said...

Just speculating, D.H....
but I think it had to do with love gone bad, to something nasty!

And I think he may have seen his blog as something that could be used against him... ?????

But yes, we miss Doogooder! And he might come back again... who knows!!??

Sunshine said...

He has gone awol before and then has pooped up so perhaps he will do the same again this time.

Hope all is well with you.

Have you had that weird weather that they were talking about on the news - or are snow and ice storms normal for your part of the States at this time of the year?

Sue said...


Thought you might like to know of this blog -

May see some sights you recognise perhaps!

Hope you and J are good. All fine here....

D. H. said...

Hi Sue,

DG's awol. It's not so much that he's awol but the fact that he's wandered off again... alone. When he wanders off alone he usually finds trouble somewhere... or goes places he shouldn't. Ah, he'll be back.

Yes, the weather was very "unpredictable" over here for the past couple of weeks. A couple of wind packed, low temp storms blew through and left a bunch of flooding and wind damage behind. But that's not all that unusual for this time of the year in Washington. I remember many Thanksgiving dinners that had to be either eaten late or cooked early because we became so accustomed to the power going out.

We just got pampered by good weather the past three or four years. Some called it a drought.

The bottom line is if we get rough weather on the coast for two days the inland states get it for three or four days... and worse weather.

Also, I looked over the site you referred me to... nice. Yeah, it's in our neck of the woods... at least those posts.