Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Our own personal seahawks fan club...

...Reese style!

Daddy's showing off her Seahawks attire! (easy on the "pink" jokes people!)

According to Son, she's adjusting to the crowd noise and is expecting a win after the "bye"!

(phew... that's good news!)

I mean, they got thumped on by a pretty good Chicago team last weekend. But then again it's a long season.

Anyway, check out our little Reese... snuggled up and sleeping on Daddy's shoulder.

Ya' gotta love it!

These are those memories you'll never forget Son!

And here's Mom with her back to me...

but I got a pic of her...

with her back to me...

...but it's a pic of her and Reese.

Which is what I wanted, a pic of Mom and Reese.

So, what's left in this ensemble?

How about Mom, Dad and Reese?

They're "happy as all get out" and that's what matters!

...a fantastic couple... a fantastically budding family!

We're one group of happy campers here!

I've got chilled beer and wine in the ice box... help yourselves. This Seahawk's fan base is growing by the year!

...ain't it nice?


Sue said...

What a happy family - so much ahead of them..

What a blessing they have you both on hand - it is something Ed and I missed out on bringing up our two - when they were small, we lived a long way from the family...

She is still so beautiful!! ahhhh

DG said...

You can tell the little one is a Seahawk fan. Just to dang cute to be any other kind!

D. H. said...

Hi Sue!!! thanks! Yah, they are happy and they have a lot ahead of them so things are going to be real and fun from here on out. And she is BEAUTIFUL...

Hey DG! Are you getting our rain? I sent a bunch your way... wind too.

You bet she's a Seahawk fan! What else is there?