Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Happy 4th

Hi! Just a quick note to wish everybody a wonderful 4th.
No much happens here in Denver for the 4th. Fireworks are illegal except for professional shows, where there is now valet parking. And there's a marathon to run ( yea right- not for me! ) I think we'll be sleeping in, taking in a movie, and grilling, then driving up to the top of the hill to watch the fireworks over Denver. No Valet parking needed! I hope you all have a great Holiday, stay safe, and enjoy each other and the wondeful traditions for the 4th.
Love ya

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Dennis said...

Hi Kiddo!

Enjoy Independence Day!

We're going to have a bbq at Justin and Andrea's... going to take grandpa down there and grill some burgers and dogs, let the kids play in their pool and just relax.

Lacey banned personal fireworks starting this years so most of the bangs, booms and flashes will be commercial shows tonight. Although, folks in the county will still be setting off the critters.

Alright, gotta get. Jackie's making potato salad and I've got to get some things together for later.

Say "HI" to Brian, Andy and Katie for all of us!

Love you guys,

Us in Washington!