Tuesday, July 10, 2007

HI! I'm so glad you posted Denise! This is a great way to stay in touch. We also have a big garden, our corn is already up to about my shoulders, and we have tassles! We should be eating corn in the next month. Brian is doing most of the yard stuff also, but he loves it, besides, imagine being the only man in a house of hormonal women! I would be outside all the time too!!
I'll post pics of the garden when I can. I take them every week, but Brian hasn't shown me how to upload them yet. I know enough to be dangerous, that's all. So I stay away. It's been very hot here, we had 11 straight days of over 90, today we have some wet and grey weather, finally. Of course this is the day Andy was supposed to take his new girlfriend to water world! Sorry bud, no bikini watching for you today!
Our little pico dog was attacked the other week by a neighbors dog who got into our back yard via a small greenbelt. She attached Pico ( who by the way thinks she's a german shepard) but Buddy and Minne attacked the dog, and chased it off. Funny but when the dog dropped Pico, she took off after it like any good Dachsund-wanna be shepard would. We took her to the vet, turns out a very bad one, who gave us very bad advise, and wrong medicine, long story short, she chewed a whole in herself down to the muscle the size of a 50cent piece where it turns out she had a 2" puncture wound. Our new vet fixed her up, and while it was pretty bad, she is now healing quickly, and it is now the size of a dime. So here is a pic of her before she got hurt. She hated the cone they tried to put on her, she couldn't even walk, but she was very entertaining! She is back to her old self now, funny as ever!
Everybody take care, we love you all!

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