Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hi Guys

Just a note to let you know we are still out here hanging in there and laying low. Bill and I have been working in the yard, especially Bill. I have a herniated disc and 2 bulging discs and had a epidural sterioid injection on 6/1/07 which has helped the pain considerably, but still don't want to over do it. He has really done a lot! Still both working, working. If we didn't, what would we do? I can think of a million things! Bill has also planted a vegetable garden and it has been slow starting but with the recent temperature increases and sun, it is starting to do better.
Bill took his grandson, Ryder (Rhonda's son) out fishing last weekend at St. Clair. They caught quite a few fish. Wish I knew how to post pics, but haven't figured that out yet. Ryder is almost 12 now and those were the first fish he has ever caught. He caught the 1st, the biggest, the most and the last. Needless to say, he won the money pool.
Jacob is almost 20 and still trying to "find himself" and has had a rough road of it. We are hoping he finds himself soon before we have to choke him or something.
So, we still have our 5 doggies, Jeannie, Gypsy, Angel, Joey and Leroy. We love them but they do act kind of crazy.
We also have 2 piggies. They are so cute. Brother and sister, Wilbur and Charlotte. Little black fellas.
Best of all, some guy came and scooped up all of our geese, he actually wanted them. Thank goodness cuz we were really tired of them and their shenanigans.
This week, my Aunt Rachel and 3rd cuz from NC came to visit. Love those accents and so good to see them. Bill and I really want to vacation there on the coast of NC next summer. The beaches are great there. I have not been back of NC for over 30 years. Oh and I turned 50 in May. So bizarre, I don't feel that much older mentally but physically, I am definitely there.
Jacob and I plan to go salmon fishing at Westport in August. Love it. We do it every year on his BD.
Angela, I loved reading your update and the pic of Katie. She is so pretty.
Ok, I'm finished. Ya'll take care now, ya hear! Denise


Dennis said...

Hi Denise!!!

How's things? Thanks for posting. I was wondering if you were going to again.

Re: posting pictures. When you get into the dasboard for your post just move your cursor actoss the icons. One will say "images". Click on that one and find the pic you want then post it. You have a choice of posting it to the left of the text, center or right of the text.

So the geese are gone, eh?

Angela said...

HI! I'm so glad you posted! I have never been to NC, but I have always wanted to retire there as a little old turtle lady with a little house right on the beach. Never going to happen, I know, but it's a dream. We are going through frustrations with Andy too, he has done some things that make Brian and I shake our heads and wonder who's kid is this? Where did we fail? But I think all parents go through it, and all kids. I think we worry about them more now that they are older than before. And since Andy moved out last Feb, we hardly see him. Katie really misses him. But he does call her. Hang in there, and know you are not alone!