Sunday, May 22, 2005

Justa bloggin'...

Wow. I spent most of the morning (one of those 03:30 a.m. wake ups) just wandering around in blog land. You know, just getting to know some of what's happening out there in our neighbor's minds... in your minds.

I must have visited over a hundred sites and read everything from raising rabbits to smidgens of real life sexual triumphs (which, by the way makes me wonder if those folks who document their bedroom triumphs really realize the internet is just that... THE INTERNET... where secrets aren't kept and Shhhh's aren't heard). It was a mind boggling four and one half hours but I made it through... learning so much more about blog land.

Blind, out and out "go forth and conquer" blogging will take you wherever you might want to go, where you might not want to go and beyond. Several sites I stumbled upon were links on innocent, innocuous, rarely visited blogs that had really nothing to do with the linked blog. After my brief visits I found myself wondering why in the hell the blogger listed the link on their particular blog in the first place... concluding it must have been a compelled link, listed under duress, the innocent blogger coerced into codifying the html language, forever coupling the two blogs together.

In the end... now... I'm mentally exhausted. I used to think I was worldly in several ways but now realize that I'm simply as naive and ignorant as I was when I was 13 years old. There's so much out there... so much out there that happens, that could happen, that is going to happen and it's being documented by bloggers throughout the world every second of the day on thousands... perhaps millions of blogs.

People posting to their personal "online" journals, documenting their lives, their fantasies... memorializing those things they deem important to them at that very moment in time they're posting to their blog. For the most part they seem to be totally oblivious to what others might think or, if not oblivious really not caring.

Either way I was fascinated, shocked, curious, aroused, embarrassed, disgusted and... well, you get the drift. I felt every emotion, every feeling, had every responsive thought mustered this morning as a result of my impromptu blogland wanderings.

I felt like I was on a Lewis and Clark journey through a land of the unknown... uncharted territories (at least for me), stumbling about without the benefit of a compass. I traveled via links, the "back" key, more links and that little finger thingy you get when you move your cursor over certain a href's embedded in casual text and photo's posted by bloggers to their various sites.

I will say this, there's one helluva talented group out there. Accepting or not, they are talented. I was impressed... not always positively impressed but impressed none the less.

I had my eyes opened.

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Harleydreamer said...

I seem to have the same types of experiences as you. I'm always amazed at some of the things I've seen on any of a number of blogs. Yet, I always seem to find a wonderful, beautiful mind in the mist of it all. I'm greatful to be allowed to enter someone elses mind. That's why I graciously welcome anyone interested into mine. Or at least what information I'll allow to be revealed.