Monday, May 09, 2005

Two quick things...

I got up early again this morning... one of those anxiety type wake ups at 0300 hrs. Either way, rather than wake J up with my tossing and turning I went out to the "office" and wrote the previous post.

Prior to that though, I blogged around. I came across The Big Six O, a blog created by an average, ordinary guy who seems to say a whole lot about the world, as we see it. Check out the link and read a bit... it's refreshing and enlightening. I'm looking forward to more posts from him.

I also popped over to Harley's Blog to check out Harley's quest for a new Harley. I must say, he's getting pretty ingenious. I'll be donating a nickle to the cause if, for nothing else his tenacity... I'm an admirer of tenacity.

Okay, I do have to head out now. Take care all...



Harleydreamer said...

I thank you for the big leap in my quest. If I keep my blog going I might be able to ride into retirement on that Harley.

Harleydreamer said...

Oh, by the way. In response to your "mentoring" question:

Using "Hello", post a picture to your site. click on the picture and copy the URL. You just past/type the URL into the Photo URL spot in the Edit User Profile section. You can then remove the picture, if you like, from your blog.

For something that easy, it took me almost 3 hours to find the directions and actually do it.

D. H. said...

No problem re: the nickle... I think that should get a good start for you. Now all I have to do is make sure my PayPal account is still valid.

Oh yeah, and about that posting the pic to the profile thing... it's too easy. It makes too much sense, is too common sensical, is too logical therefore I ruled it out immediately without giving that idea a second thought... months ago I might add. Three hours is lightning fast compared to my toils. Thanks for the info!