Monday, May 09, 2005

A tough night patrol... another night at work a couple of years back when things were still fun. Posted by Hello


Anonymous Midwest Girl said...

Oh, god, that looks like FUN! Are you off-roading? I want a Jeep specifically so I can do that! :)


Harleydreamer said...

HEY!! My instructions must have been clear enough. That is a great picture for a profile.

I also agree with AMG, looks like great fun. WAIT, you get paid for THAT??? Now I'm really jealous!

D. H. said...

LOL... trust me, that was when work was fun Anonymous. My job has me working in the woods day or night... which, to a country boy like me is almost like being next to heaven.

Yeah Harley, sorry but I do get paid for that and your instructions were on the mark! Thanks again.