Monday, May 09, 2005

You know, I'm not perfect...

I'm not. Never said I was... don't want to be... not even close to being so don't think of me as being. Don't ever accuse me of being perfect because it ain't true...

Nope, I'm certainly not perfect. I make mistakes. Lot's of them. Stupid mistakes sometimes... sometimes more than sometimes. Stupid, dumb ass, idiotic mistakes.

Did I ever mention "attorneys" and how much I despise them. Perhaps not as persons... I can't attest to despising them as persons because I've never really allowed myself to become personally acquainted to any attorney as a "person". Are they??? Are they capable of being "persons"? You know... "people" with a life, with values, with some semblance of morals, with compassion, without greed... not all of the time. No one has been or is with or without these things all of the time... if they were, they'd be perfect. You'd be perfect... but you're not and neither am I. So, the attorney thing... why are they here? What brought them to this place we all call life? What purpose do they serve? How do they grow? How do they multiply?

They aren't smart in a "smart" sort of way. Attorney's rely on other worker bees, peons to do their work for them so they aren't really all that smart. But then again, maybe they are... they really don't work, others do that for them. They have "clients" who pay them exorbitant sums of money just so they can seem important. They have clients who seemingly "need" their services to punch holes in the legal, attorney created fallacies of that which is just! They have no pride, love money and are as materialistic as hell. They feast on the trusting, devour the innocent and manipulate the weak, unknowing, ignorant masses of normal folks into thinking they (attorneys) are honorable and seek truth!

In actuality attorneys distort truths. They distort truths and lies and lives and trust and beliefs and all that is good, all that is fine, all that makes this world a good place to live... They distort all of these things... AND MORE... everything! They distort everything for money. To get money from people. They're simply a bunch of self centered walking, talking, all about themselves creatures that will sell their souls, sell your souls, sell whatever they need to sell to get the almighty buck and to get a smidgen of recognition. Just a smidgen... just a fraction of a smidgen of recognition.

They will lie and call the lie a truth. Who would challenge that? Another attorney??? A judge (who is another attorney)??? Who COULD challenge their lies, their deceits, their manipulations, their self service??? Who could challenge this in them and survive financially, let alone personally and emotionally? I mean, they've formed a social "army" of sorts... attorneys bound together sworn to deceive, sworn to secrecy, sworn to protect one another. It's a socially, morally despicable army of thieves, liars, deceivers, gluttons sworn to protect one another above anything else. Regardless the impact their actions might have on the innocents, the trusting, the ignorant, the needy.

We are the prey and attorneys are the predators. I'm not perfect but I know what I know about attorneys. I'm a victim of several... had my trust, my faith in law, my believing guts ripped from me and am patiently waiting for the coups de grace, the felling stroke to be delivered next week. You see, the attorney we originally hired manipulated our case, her position, us into a swirl of controversial dialogues with her "opposing" counsels... controversial to us anyway... controversial because they were contrary to what we had hired her for and she knew it... still knows it and is suing us in front of other attorneys... a judge... a friend of hers... another attorney... and is suing us for a five digit figure to the left of the decimal for her own inept... well, actually well planned personal gain... at our expense, without our approval. But how do we prove it? How do we convince other attorneys that she "risked all", "risked her career" to further her career... and was, to date successful! Do we pay other attorney's to help us? Why? We've already paid money and have been sucked dry by their lot... cast aside for another victim. Do we go before a judge and plead our case... a judge... an attorney in a robe... one of the "army"... one of them? Do we explain that this attorney did the opposite of what she was hired to do, signed documents on our behalf after we told her not to? Misrepresented our cause for her own personal appointment to a pro-tem bench? Sacrificed a 4 year old's innocence for her personal and "professional" gain?

Nah, I'm not perfect... never tried to be, never said I was, never will be but I do know I'm so damned glad I don't like attorneys. Attorneys are societies perfect examples of those beings you so desperately try to keep your children from becoming... try to protect your children from being influenced by. So, in essence... attorneys are perfect in one sense.

Have I mentioned I despise attorneys?


Harleydreamer said...

WOW. Bad trip or was that waiting for your return? I understand your distaste for attorneys, had to deal with more then my share in the prison system. Although, Serenity Springs might disagree with us. If I remember correctly, she's going to be a lawyer.

D. H. said...
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D. H. said...

I felt it best to delete the first response I made.

It's been going on for some time Harley. It's a long story but has just come to a head within the past week. I piqued the interest of the judge but because of "legal requirements" relevant to timely responses, etc. my request to be heard by the court was "tossed" and a "summary judgment" is being requested against J and I. Of course, we always have the Bar association we can file a complaint with... you know, lawyers policing lawyers. Sounds like another wonderful idea... shell out another couple of grand to some other money grubbing lawyers... I'm certain they'd be unbiased too.

I do know if I did my job the way this lawyer did hers I'd not only be on the welfare roles but I'd have to serve my prison time first. Bottom line... I made my point... the judge did hear us but can't do anything about it (yea, right). This sounds like sour grapes but damn! over $10k of mistakes and outright misrepresentation is hard to swallow and a judge's stern talking to the lawyer isn't any sort of consolation.

Serenity Springs... sorry, but I had to vent. I always said I have some friends that are lawyers but don't have any lawyers that are friends. Hopefully you can make a difference in the ethical portion of the "club".