Friday, January 19, 2007

Catching up...

I don't know how I overlooked our annual trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon but I did.

All of us... Andrea and Justin, Kerri, Andrew, Bailey, Hannah, Reese, Jerry and Sharilyn, J and I and 5 dogs headed for the Oregon coast the day after Christmas for a couple of days. We all met at the beach house we've rented in the past. We had a ball!

It was stormy but fun.

Isn't that what stormy weather does? Makes things exciting, mysterious, on the edge... fun?

On the first day there was a pretty major storm blowing in. Andrew, Jerry, Sharilyn and I headed to the beach as soon as we unpacked. J stayed at the house with Reese while Andrea and Justin went into town to get some things that we all forgot to bring. Kerri, Bailey and Hannah were the last to arrive.

With the wind blowing as hard as it was Andrew almost blew away. The seagulls did...

...and we continued to play on the beach. Starved of common sense, us the adventurers... adults and children alike playing on the beach, taunting the ocean.

The angry spray was cold. Icey rain flew laterally as the wind pushed it, pelting our faces like needles.

We traveled along the beach for a bit then decided it would be best if we returned to the house before one or all of us were swept to sea by some large, freak wave. Those rogue waves the Oregon and Washington coasts are so well known for during these types of winter Pacific storms.

When we arrived at the house Andrea and Justin had returned from town. A fire was burning in the fireplace, everyone was safe. We all relaxed, let the rush of the Christmas holidays slow to a crawl. Some of us sipped wine, all of us talked, wound down and enjoyed good company, taking it all in.

Throughout the evening the storm continued to blow. The lights flickered, the walls creaked, the windows shook.

On the last day the sun came out. The ocean and beach turned into an entirely different animal.

Calm, tame, blue...

...almost like another season, another time, another ocean.

Almost, but the air was still crisp, the wind cold.

It was deceiving.

People came out of their homes and walked up and down the beach.

Two days prior we were the only souls walking the cold, foamy, wet sand looking along the high water mark for any "treasures" that the storm surge might have washed up.

Now, the ocean seemed to relax a bit... still very cold but relaxed.

And the sky was flawless! Blue and clear.

J and Chief took a short jaunt to the surf's edge, watching the tide roll in.

Until it was time to leave, to make the long drive home... cross the covered bridge.


Dennis said...

I removed your comment anonymous. No posty here. Clean it up.

Sunshine said...

What a beautiful place - sounds like a beautiful trip.

We love to walk on the beatch in the wind - though it has been a little TOO windy recently, even for us!

So sorry you are having a bit of trouble with comments - fully understand the need for moderation...

Take care and glad to read that you are all well...

Dennis said...

It is a great place.

And you are definitely getting the winds. I've seen some wind damage in the UK and other parts of Europe on the net that's unreal.

Several people have been posting their pictures on Weather Underground and it's amazing.

Re: the comments... I don't think it's going to be a problem anymore but one never can be sure. I just hate to censor but I'm not letting the crap in.

You, Ed and the kids take care.

Queue_t said...

I lived in oregon for two years and I loved it's raw beauty on the beaches especially. I spent time on this beach with a roommate and her family over a thanksgiving holiday, we stayed in a rental a-frame cabin it was great, I enjoyed it so much. I love your photos!!

Dennis said...

Hi queue_t,

Thanks for stopping by!

Yah, the beaches and ocean waters in the Pacific Northwest, though not those friendly, swimmable waters found in California are some of the most beautiful beaches and waters in the world.

It has everything to do with the "raw beauty" of things doesn't it.